Smile 4G LTE

The first commercial 4G LTE network in Nigeria (and indeed West Africa) was launched in Ibadan in February 2013 by Smile Communications. This was long before Lagosians got a taste of the technology, but now the bustling city that is roughly a hundred kilometres away from Lagos is going through hard times with the technology.

Reports About Ibadan, Glo, MTN 4G LTE

Mobility Arena received reports from some users in the city that 4G LTE services on both MTN and Glo have gone AWOL. It sounds unbelievable. We finally got an opportunity to try it out – albeit in a limited way – during a brief visit. Indeed, we couldn’t get our compatible smartphones to pick up a 4G signal from either MTN or Glo at Challenge, Ibadan. It was an odd thing. We sat there wondering how on earth this was happening. But there is a story to it.

We asked another subscriber on the MTN network about 4G in his area. His feedback was that it is unavailable in his area – Agbowo /Bodija, but he got a connection briefly during a trip to Jericho area. We have been unable to get more feedback about Glo’s 4G availability in the city. 

One of our sources says he was told by an MTN staff that the company is having to deal with a face-off from Etisalat (we are not sure if that is linked to this legal tussle). He also says he was told that Glo’s 4G LTE frequency band clashes with Galaxy Television’s frequency. Galaxy Television was the first privately registered television station in Nigeria and broadcasts from Ibadan.

Ibadan, Glo, MTN 4G LTE

Limited 4G LTE Options

According to one of our contacts in Ibadan, if you want to experience 4G LTE service in the city, the options you are left with are Smile, Visafone-MTN (which is different – and separate – from regular MTN 4G), and Spectranet. That will be sad, if true. By comparison, subscribers in Lagos have up to eight (8) options, if not more.

Back in December 2016, when several subscribers across the country experienced MTN 4G blackout, we did a report, Have MTN Nigeria turned off their 4G LTE network? While the service was restored everywhere else, it appears that Ibadan was left out and has remained without service till now.

From the feedback we got, it does not seem that the disappearance of MTN 4G network in Ibadan affects every area of the city. We also are unable to confirm that Glo 4G is absent everywhere. You can can help us paint a more detailed picture with your feedback though. If you live or work in Ibadan or are visiting the city, do check to see if you are able to pick a 4G signal from either Glo or MTN at your location and share your experience in the comments. Please mention your location. We appreciate your feedback.

glo new data subscription

GLO has gone crazy yet again. Some few days ago, network was so terrible. I couldn’t make calls. Even if it went through, you won’t hear a thing. Probably they were working on something. As it turned out, the company has increased the data caps for their monthly data plan subscriptions. See screenshot of the Glo Data Giveaway below:

glo-new-rates Data Giveaway

The True Cost Of Glo’s Data Giveaway

We can see that N1,000 now gives you 3.2 GB (formerly 2GB). Also, N2,000 now offers 7.5 GB (formerly 6 GB). These are huge bumps really. But I ask, “To what end?” Will subscribers be able to actually use this data? The last time I subscribed for the 10 GB for N2,500 plan, it was nothing to write home about. Speed was very slow, and stability very poor. I seriously struggled to finish my data allocation.

Ever since GLO crashed the prices of their mobile data offerings, their speeds have been throttled. Here’s a piece of advice: Unless you’re sure GLO network is very good in your location, don’t try this data plan. I’m still yet to be proven otherwise.

Glo data plans

We already know that GLO launched new cheap data plans. If you never knew of these new Glo data plans, sorry. *Hands you LASTMA badge* :mrgreen: I’ve been getting complains from people. The question is: Will this plan work on a BlackBerry 10 phone? My Response: IT WORKS!! But here’s what you need to do first.

new GLO data plans

Settings for the newdata plans

To use the new GLO data plans on your BlackBerry 10 phone, follow these steps on the device:

  • Go to Settings >> Networks and Connections >> Mobile Network.
  • Tap on APN ¬†(the lower part of the screen)
  • Change the Access Point Name(APN) to gloflat
  • Change User name & Password to flat
  • Click on Save
  • That’s all.

Hence forth, the new GLO data plans will work on your BlackBerry 10 phone. If it doesn’t, your village people are probably responsible ūüėÄ

glo new data subscription

Not long ago, GLO launched new data plans that surprised almost everyone here in Nigeria. You can imagine offers such as N2000 for 6 GB, N2500 for 10 GB, and N3000 for 12 GB. These are the cheapest rates ever in the country. As always the case, GLO is pushing the movement of cheap data for everyone.

Despite the fears of slow speed, and throttling, I thought to subscribe for this plan, and just see what happens. I loaded up N2500 and got 10 GB of data, and after using it for a week, here’s my summary in one sentence:
For this new GLO data plans, you’re getting what you paid for.

The plan works, but it disconnects at intervals. The network isn’t steady. Even when it appears to be steady, it isn’t fast. At midnight, the speeds are not fast either as I haven’t croseed 1Mbps. Here’s a screenshot for one of the speed tests I took.


My advice, If GLO is fast in your area, you can go ahead with this plan, else your patience will be tested severely.

Glo new data plans

The¬†fight for subscriber marketshare in Nigeria has gotten to a cutthroat level!! GLO Nigeria earlier responded¬†to MTN’s¬†review¬†of data plans. Then, they offered 5 GB for N2500, and 9 GB for N4000. We all thought it would remain that way¬†till we saw this shocker!!¬†See screenshot below for the new Glo data offers.

GLO data - new plans

It is crazy right? Apparently, they ramped up data allocation for all the plans. N2000 now goes for 6 GB of data, while 18 GB is offered for a mere N4000. The table below carries all the new Glo data plans and their subscription codes.

Plan Name Price (N) Data Volume Validity SMS to 127 USSD Code
Always Micro 1,000 2GB 30 Days 53 *127*53#
My Phone 2,000 6GB 30 Days 55 *127*55#
So Special 2,500 10GB 30 Days 58 *127*58#
Always Macro 3,000 12GB 30 Days 54 *127*54#
N4,000 Data Plan 4,000 18GB 30 Days 59 *127*59#
Always Min 5,000 24GB 30 Days 11 *127*2#
Always Max 8,000 48GB 30 Days 12 *127*1#
Silver 10,000 11GB 30 Days 15 *127*11#
Gold 15,000 60GB 30 Days 16 *127*12#
Platinum 18,000 90GB 30 Days 17 *127*13#

This¬†is classic GLO style, as they choose to always offer the cheapest data rates. I wonder how speeds will be like on these plans. Now¬†let’s¬†see who else would respond to this. Game on!! Dial *777# and follow the onscreen instructions to subscribe to any of the plans.

glo new data subscription

It’s getting crazy really. GLO started this trend, and after MTN’s crazy response, they have fired back with cheaper data plans. GLO now offers users 5GB of data for N2,500, and 12 GB for a whooping N5000. Subscribing is easy. Simply dial *777# and the list of plans will appear. Enter the respective number and subscribe to the plan of your choice.


If GLO is speedy in your location, you shouldn’t ignore this.

Glo’s cheaper data plans explained

Update: 18/05/2016

A Mobilista complained that GLO didn’t actually make any changes, insisting that these plans existed before the MTN reprisal. Below is a table showing GLO’s older data charges against the new rates. Look Carefully.

Older rates of GLO
                                          Older rates of GLO , note the shaded portion 
New rates for GLO

From the tables above, you would notice that the 2.5 GB plan was increased from 4.5 GB to 5 GB. Also note that the N4000 for 9 GB plan didn’t exist before now. I hope I have cleared all your doubts ūüôā

glo new data subscription

Reports for the first quarter of 2016 have arrived from NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission), and it carries some interesting information. The major highlight being that Globacom garnered the highest number of data subscribers. 


According to the report, in the first three months of 2016, Globacom recorded 1,448,354 new internet subscribers on its network. Specifically the numbers are 354,178 for January, 248,593 for February and 845,583 for March. Globacom’s total internet customers as at the end of the quarter stood at 26,530,420. The figure 1,448,354 for the three months under review represents 80% of the total number of 1,820,651.

In the same period, Airtel recorded 319,229 new data subscribers, Etisalat got 53,068 Рa combined 20% of the remaining total figure. MTN in the same period lost over 6.5 million internet subscribers reducing from 39,924,737 to 33,356,595.

You can see the full report HERE.

glo new data subscription

If you’re using GLO, chances are that you would be receiving daily jokes from the number 8888. In my case, I don’t recall subscribing for the service. The jokes can be sometimes hilarious, but most of the times, they’re plain boring. It get’s annoying when you’re expecting a credit alert, you rush to your phone and it is a stupid message from 8888.


To unsubscribe from this service, here’s what you should do:

  • Compose an SMS sending Unsub Jokes to 8888.
  • That’s all.

After this, your phone would be free from the daily joke alerts.

Sometimes last year – 2015, I was introduced to Spectranet LTE data plans & it was like the best thing to have happened to me since getting married (OK, that’s an attempt at being funny or trying to write like Mr. Mo.)! That initial thrill then didn’t quite last long and it seems like ages ago now!

You see, my office location then had some degree of very good Spectranet signal and at home too I was able to discover a vantage position to place the MiFi router for optimal signal. Then, streaming football matches and some other live events at relatively cheap amount (4k for 20GB night + weekend plan) was possible.

Then, out of the blue my office moved! Practically no signal in this new location unless I open a particular window, hang the modem on the handle and I’m able to get signal even though not with the speed I was used to, but I can even only do this when the office AC isn’t on! I got tired eventually and traded the MiFi and bought a CPE modem thinking because that one is big, it’ll get better signal… For where! Wrong move. Terrible signal at home and office… Can’t even hang on window handle again!

So I kept my CPE waiting for the day the elusive network expansion and upgrade will take place. In the meantime, I played around with MTN, Etisalat and the unlimited 1k BB plan by Visafone that I first got to know about from Mr. Mo’s post¬†sometimes back.¬†MTN network became frustrating and annoying so I decided enough was enough and (re-) ported to Etisalat (my second time of doing that!). So I was left with Etisalat and the Visafone. I eventually got tired of that one too cause of the slow speed, battery of the Blackberry Bold 5 phone, network coverage and the fact that MTN bought it (Yeah, that angry with them). Then I decided to give GLO data another chance after about a year hiatus. It’s been over 5 months now and it is simply bliss. Cheap initial data purchase + Innovative & Cheap Data top-up. So you said, what about speed? Yes, it isn’t supersonic but then, I have less need for speed cause I hardly stream anything again – I download to view later. The other basic day to day data needs is amply covered by the speed I get. If there’s ever an emergency fast download that I need, my Etisalat line can easily be summoned.

New Spectranet Data Plans

Then back to the Spectranet – they’ve finally nailed the coffin on that one with their absurd price increase without corresponding network upgrade and expansion. Comparing them with GLO that I use, N5,000 will get me 8GB on Spectranet but only 5GB on GLO, N8,000 will buy a whooping 24GB on GLO whereas I’ll need to cough out N10,000 to get 20GB on Spectranet and albeit with a very limited network coverage & additional load carrying! Whoever advised them! Or maybe they were about going into bankruptcy sha! But without customers, they’ll still lose out on the long run.

My Nigeria Data plan story definitely isn’t going to end with this but for the time being, make I dey rock my GLO dey go!

glo new data subscription

GLO is at it again. Some weeks ago, the company discontinued our very popular BIS plan (Comonth) that offered 3 GB of data for N1,000. Everyone (including me) was surprised at the move – maybe they just wanted to make more cash from it.


As some sort of compensation, GLO has launched another BIS plan, same N,1000 but for 2 GB. To subscribe, simply dial *777*25#.

After getting used to 3 GB (or more) monthly, it would be disconcerting for people to fall back to using 2 GB. Unless you were the kind that never finished your subscription before expiry. From calculations, it’s still a better deal to pay N1,400 and get 3 GB.

The number of GLO internet subscribers have risen considerably in recent months, let’s hope they don’t falter and lose them all.

glo new data subscription

That fateful day we dread so much, has it befallen us? Have GLO just terminated our beloved BIS subscription?

On Sunday, ¬†a cousin of mine buzzed me. She’s been Ň•rying to renew her subscription, ¬†and all attempts failed.


Yesterday, some users on Nairaland complained they’ve not been able ¬†to renew their subscriptions too. It appears GLO has ended the BlackBerry Comonth data plan of N1000 for 3GB.

Earlier this morning I and a colleague tried repeatedly subscribing our glo lines with the usual 1k balance and alas……not successful until I took pains to call the Customer Care Unit who now confirmed it as N1400 from N1000 without prior notice…..

Abeg, wetin NCC and Co fit talk to this matter?

Yesterday evening my glo bis sub expired and this morning after recharging 1k as usual and sent comonth to 777 only to get a message that I do not have enough credit, yet my 1k still lies in my account. I will like to know if the code for subscribing has changed or whether the price has been increased so as to know the next step.

A quick look at the GLO subscription page shows that the BlackBerry Comonth plan now costs N1400 for 3GB. Let’s hope the plan continues working on Android MTK devices.

Back in January 2011, Glo announced that they had launched the first LTE network in Nigeria. It didn’t take too long after the supposed launch for everyone who rejoiced at the news to realise that they had been scammed. Till date, Glo does not have a functional LTE network.


Recent news in the industry is that Globacom recently acquired the 700 MHz spectrum from the Nigerian Communications Commission, giving it the capability to provide the LTE service they claimed to have launched five years ago.

The grapevine says that Glo’s acquisition is the catalyst behind MTN’s move on Visafone to acquire the same 700 MHz spectrum so as to give Glo a good run in the broadband turf. If possible, MTN wants to launch LTE services ahead of Glo.

MTN and Glo are the two latest networks in the country. As such, if all these feelers are true, Nigerian mobile subscribers can expect an LTE jamboree this year. Unfortunately, neither has provided reliable internet service whether via GPRS, EDGE, or HSDPA. There may not be much to desire from them whenever they do launch 4G LTE services.

Telecom operators in Nigeria have threatened to close down their operations in a number of states – Ogun, Ondo, Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi, Osun and Kaduna – over what they described as excessive harassment by government officials. This trend of harassing telecoms operators -via multiple tax/levy impositions – has gone on for years across Nigeria, with state governments (and even local communities and area boys) seeing these operators as cows to be milked to no end. These state governments then proceed to close down base stations when the operators are unable to comply.

Nigerian telcos Mobile_Base_Station.jpg

In my opinion, it is about time this threat to shut down is carried out. Telcos already deal with horrible infrastructural and logistic problems. Telecommunications is the lifeblood of any modern state, and these harassments are totally out of line. It will be interesting to see what would happen to a state like Ogun if Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and MTN were all to shut down operations there. Basically, apocalypse.

Since the states are so eager to close down base stations, lets just get it done with and shut them all down at once.

Yes; shutting down operations would mean losing revenue and perhaps even laying off staff by the telcos, but with the states shutting down base stations arbitrarily, the telcos are already bleeding anyway. I am also convinced that the belligerent states would have no way out than to buckle and do the right thing to get the operators back up should a shut down be effected. We can only hope that they do the right thing before things get to that point. But should they not, I am with the network operators on this. Enough of the rubbish from greedy, lazy, narrow-minded state governments.

glo new data subscription

Cheap data is what we mostly yearn for in this country. All thanks to GLO for providing us with the cheapest data plans. Ever since we discovered how to get 3 GB for just N1,000 the plan has become so widespread. Here’s how to even benefit more by getting 6GB for just¬†N1,500.


  • Do the normal 3 GB subscription for N1,000 by dialing *777*21# or by texting Comonth to 777.
  • Activate the Glo weekend plan of N500 for 3GB by dialing *777# and then following the prompt.
  • That’s all.


  • Both plans can’t work at the same time. To pause the BlackBerry subscription, switch your APN to glosecure or gloflat.
  • The trick works on devices that support the BlackBerry subscription.

All hail GLO!! Giving us cheap data since 1900 ūüėÄ

internet www

Understanding that Nigeria’s mobile market is price sensitive, we thought it would be nice to present a comparison of what a monthly budget of N1,000 will get you on each of the Nigerian mobile networks in January 2016. Have a look:

  1. MTN: 260MB for 30 days. Dial *106#
  2. Etisalat: 1GB for 30 days. Dial *229*2*7#
  3. Airtel: 1GB for 30 days. Dial *496#
  4. Glo: 1.5GB for 30 days. Dial *127*53#

But we know too that price is not the only consideration. Quality of service and reliability is another factor that might interest you.

Quality & Reliability
In our experience of usage from various locations around the country – north, south, east, and west – we have found that Etisalat and MTN are the most reliable, in that order, while Glo and Airtel have the most epileptic mobile Internet services. This does not change the fact that at different locations, even the generally poor ones perform excellently well.

Glo Nigeria has introduced a few new exciting data plans and features.

First up is the Weekend Plan, a great deal that offers 3GB data for just N500 only per weekend. Dial *127*61# to subscribe.

Next is a Night Plan costing just N200 for 1GB data per night. Dial *127*60# to subscribe.

glo data booster

And saving the best for last, you can now top up any data plan that you are subscribed to with 1GB for just N500 (monthly data plans) or 300MB for N200 (weekly data plans)! How to do this? After subscribing to a monthly or weekly plan, before exhausting it, dial *777#, select Data > buy data > data booster > select your top up.

Basically, you can buy a 1GB plan and top it up 4 times to get a total of 5.5GB all for just a total of N3,000. Note that you have to do the top-up before the existing data plan expires.

Hat tip to Abiola for the heads-up!

glo new data subscription

Glo has silently made adjustments to their data plans such that subscribers get even more data for their money. First up is the N1,000 play, which now provides 1.5GB up from the previous 1GB data allocation. most of the other data plans have also

  • N1,000: 1.5GB (up from 1GB)
  • N2,000: 3GB (up from 2.5GB)
  • N3,000: 6GB (up from 4.5GB)
  • N4,000: 9GB – this looks like a new plan

We have the NCC’s recent removal of data floor price to thank for these new rates. Of course, Glo has always been at the forefront of driving down mobile data prices in Nigeria. This is not the first time this year that Glo has adjusted its data plans to give subscribers more value. We expect the other providers to respond to this, as usual, by offering more to their subscribers too.


Users of Glo mobile internet services will be familiar with Always Micro, the most affordable monthly data plan from the operator. Last year, the data allocation on the plan was bumped up to 350 MB.

This year, Glo has bumped it up again – this time to a whopping 1GB.


That means for just N1,000, you get 1GB for 30 days. We are gradually moving towards Eldorado. Remember that dream about 3GB for N1,000? It is still very alive. No; not on a BIS plan, but on a regular data plan. When we get there, we will throw a party – and then cook up a new dream.