Google Allo now has a desktop client

Google Allo

The mobile messaging platform has already been saturated with a lot of options. However, this does not stop new mobile messaging apps from coming up. Google Allo was released on mobile last year, to underwhelming results. However, the app did not have a web client which expanded its capabilities. Now, however, Google Allo has a web client. To use the feature, first install the app on your Android smartphone. Currently the web client feature is only available on Android, though the app itself is available on iOS. Now, once you…

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Google working on Snapchat Discover competitor, Stamp

Google search lite

Last year, Google tried to buy Snapchat for $30 billion. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel refused the offer, and the deal broke down. Reportedly there was an earlier attempt by Google in 2013 worth $4 billion, which was turned down. Now, Google seems to have given up on trying to buy Snapchat. Instead, the company is about to launch a similar service to one of Snapchat’s features. Reports have surfaced that Google is about to launch something similar to Snapchat Discover, known as Stamp. Snapchat Discovery is a designated area within…

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Google launches SOS Alerts to warn about emergencies

SOS Alerts

Google is investing heavily in making the world a safe place, or at least letting people keep abreast of developments in case of emergencies. Google will start putting emergency information about fires, floods and other disasters in relevant search results and Maps locations. This feature is known as SOS Alerts, and it will include information such as news stories, emergency phone numbers, relevant websites and updates from local officials. These alerts will be created and crated by Google staff. It also means that Google’s teams will have to pick and…

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