Nokia 6 sold out in 60 secs, update for Hot S, other news

Mobile News round up

Nokia 6 Sold Out The Nokia 6 sold out within 60 seconds of going on sale today. That’s just one minute. We have no details of how many units were made available in this first flash sale though. The device is only available in China for now. You can check out the Nokia 6 specifications. Bug Fixes for Infinix Hot S In other news, the Infinix Hot S has a software update available. The update fixes a number of existing issues. There aren’t any new features included in the 340…

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The Hottest: Infinix Hot S Review

Beauty, they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder. The Infinix Hot S is the next best thing in the Infinix Hot series. This device was launched just months after the release of the Infinix Hot 3. The naming is different here, and we can’t really say the motive behind that. But the recent release of the Infinix Hot 4 tells us this is definitely a branched off series. We can gladly affirm that the break away in nomenclature also came with a corresponding paradigm shift in hardware specs,…

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Infinix Hot S VS Infinix Hot 3: Camera Review

Infinix Hot S camera

The Infinix Hot S has been with us for a while now. In case you missed it, we have already posted the gallery pictures here, a 4G test here, and the Software review here. Today we look at how the camera rates against a couple of other devices. The Infinix Hot S carries a rear 13.3 MP lens and an 8.3 MP for selfies. There’s a dual LED flash behind and a soft flash for selfies at the front end. For images taken with the rear camera, the results are…

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XOS Chameleon: Infinix Hot S Software review

XOS Chameleon

The Infinix Hot S has been around for a while now. This is currently the best in the Hot series of smartphones. Today we want to focus on the software side of things. You see, the Infinix Hot S heralds the debut of XOS Chameleon – Infinix’s new customized operating system based on Android Marshmallow. We will briefly highlight the features of XOS, then what we love and hate about it. The picture gallery is here, plus the full specifications sheet. We also conducted a 4G test on this phone. XOS…

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Infinix Mobility needs to work on their product design

Infinix Hot S front in hand

Not too long ago, I was searching for a smartphone to pick as my primary device. I wanted something with a lot of power under the hood but that wouldn’t require me to steal a bank building. After searching and searching, one of my shortlisted devices was Infinix Mobility’s Zero 3. It ticked all the right boxes. Well, almost. It has one unforgivable trait – Infinix Mobility’s lack of taste in the design department. Apart from being all tepid plastic, I just won’t be caught dead carrying about a phone…

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How Infinix messed up the Beau called Hot S

Infinix Hot S hand

That moment when excitement turns into disappointment. When someone poured sand into your garri. When Infinix decides to make a lovely device called the Hot S, but then make the SIM2 slot either for a SIM OR an SD Card! I sort of see myself as a Semi-Geek (the likes of Elroy and Mr. Mo are the full ones). But I’ve now been beaten when it comes to device purchasing – not once but twice! Maybe it’s time to actually drop the Geek tag altogether and remain VERY humble. That moment…

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