Teaser: What smartphone OS is this?

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This is a homescreen screenshot from a smartphone awaiting review here at MobilityArena.com. I can imagine that old school mobilistas can immediately tell the design language of these icons on the homescreen. Greenhorns are less likely to have an idea. LOL.

teaser ui smartphone 600x600
Any guesses what smartphone OS it is? Let’s hear you all. Everybody come inside!


  1. it’s definitely not Hios as that would be inconsistent with what we saw before (square vs rounded app icons). not ios, not windows not bb10 not sailfish could be tizen or ubuntu

  2. U can see BOOM PLAYER Icon in the shot, but you still guessing rubbish. mcheew
    symbian ko, tizenbuntu nii.

    Appears Tecno are also using the theme engine infinix uses…. Those Squircles are an undying legacy for maemo. legendary

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