Techie stuff by tech people is useless to everyone else

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We tech people are great people. We have solutions to stuff that most other people knock their heads against walls about. But we techies are also bad business and PR people. It isn’t hard to see why. We are great guys who can tweak and tinker – and think that the rest of the world should be able to do it too. Which, to be honest, is a very impractical thing.

Help For Non Tech People

Very often, we publish help articles here on Mobility Arena giving advice that everyday consumers can implement – which is what this blog is about. Do this. Do that. But some techie will always show up to say, “No; you can flash your smartphone instead. Install a custom ROM. Root your phone”. Really? How do you recommend such tasks for the regular consumer? The average consumer has issues with installing apps from app stores – as basic as that is – every now and then. Flashing? Rooting? Please.

Here is another example to shed more light on this further. I recently did an article demonstrating why it is often a bad idea to buy older laptops and smartphones. The advice there is valid for the vast majority of consumer technology users. My buddy, Chxta, did a video to express his disagreement with certain points. For starters, his video is about why you should not throw away your older electronics. Which is a totally different ball game from you going out to buy older electronics. But it goes beyond that.

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A Techie Solution For Non Tech People

Here is the video (and our tech readers will enjoy it):

But there are all of 1000 people in Lagos who know what Linux is, how to get it and how to use it. 1001, if you count me. I have been there with Linux. Done that. Linux is not mainstream in computing. It is the preserve of tech people. Until someone packages Linux into a more user friendly form like Google has done with Android, it will not go mainstream. Until then, 95% of the world’s computing population will never go down that route.

Chxta’s video response is cool, but it is hard-core techie stuff. It is techie information by a techie for tech people. It is not useful to anyone else outside of tech circles. To make a big difference in the world, what we tech people need to do is keep the techie stuff behind the scenes and make consumer-facing products that are easy to use by non-tech people, and offer information that everyone else can use without having to become one of us. Thanks for the video, Chxta buddy.

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