LTE compatibility is messy. That a device is specified as supporting a 4G network’s frequency bands does not mean it will necessarily work with it. And that happened in two of our TECNO Camon CM 4G LTE tests.

What 4G LTE networks does TECNO Camon CM support?

Why should you bother with TECNO Camon CM 4G LTE tests? The phone is listed as supporting 4G LTE frequency bands 3(1800), 7(2600), 20(800), 28(700), and 40(2300) after all. So just look for networks that use those specified bands and that is that; right? Well, not exactly.


As you may already know, LTE compatibility is messy. That a device is specified as supporting a 4G network’s frequency bands does not mean it will necessarily work with it. And that happened in at least one of our 4G tests on the Camon CM.

tecno camon cm 4g lte tests


So, we took the pains to run TECNO Camon CM LTE tests. We ran tests on the six (6) 4G networks that we have access to here at MobilityArena. Here are our findings.

No 4G Only Network Mode

Before we proceed, it is important to state that the Camon CM does not let you peg network mode to 4G only. This means that you can only use 4G in Auto Mode and so network on the phone will switch between 4G, 3G, and 2G, depending on a number of factors that are often outside of your control.


Apparently, both TECNO and Infinix Mobility have decided that 4G only mode is more troublesome than useful for their users. We were able to use a third party app, MTK Engineering, to peg 4G when we needed though.

Having said that, let’move on to the actual tests.

TECNO Camon CM 4G LTE Tests: Spectranet

Spectranet runs on the 40(2300) band, which is listed for the Camon CM. We popped in a Spectranet SIM card and enabled mobile data on the line but it did not pick a signal. Fiddling with the APN settings didn’t produce a different results.

TECNO Camon CM 4G LTE Tests: Ntel

Popping in an Ntel SIM and enabling mobile data, the Camon CM caught on to the network quickly.

TECNO Camon CM 4G LTE Tests: Glo

With a Glo 4G SIM in the Camon CM, the phone did not pick a 4G signal. It switched between 2G and 3G, but not 4G. So, we used MTK Engineering app to peg to LTE only – and still got no Glo 4G signal.

To cross-check, we switched to 4G/3G mode, and it would pick a 3G signal, but not 4G. Switching back to LTE only again, it picked no network. Again, a quick check using the MTK app says the phone supports Glo’s 28(700) band. Odd. So, we put the Glo SIM in another compatible 4G phone just to be sure their LTE network isn’t AWOL. Result: we got a 4G signal on that other phone.

As far as our tests are concerned, Glo 4G does not work on Camon CM.

TECNO Camon CM 4G LTE Tests: MTN

MTN 4G worked fine on the TECNO Camon CM.


TECNO Camon CM 4G LTE Tests: 9mobile

A 9mobile 4G SIM card in the TECNO Camon CM gave us access to the operator’s 4G network.

TECNO Camon CM 4G LTE Tests: Smile

Unfortunately, we do not have a Smile nano SIM with us and were unable to test this network.


And so, it is a wrap for our TECNO Camon CM LTE tests. 4G networks from MTN, 9mobile, and Ntel worked fine in our tests. Spectranet 4G and Glo 4G did not work, despite having their LTE bands listed as supported. Lastly, we were unable to put Smile 4G to a test.

If interested, check out the TECNO Camon CM specifications page. This phone is also available for purchase on our Smartphone Instalment Plan (SIP).

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  1. You can only imagine how disappointed I was after visiting a Glo shop with my Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro which eventually didn’t pick up the Glo signal despite showing to support the band. I had to share the data as it was of no use to me and thereafter the SIM found its way to the nearest bin.

  2. In all 4G LTE band we know, only 28(700) band is the one with issue among other bands and this is the only band Glo 4G network support. To be able to find a 4G phone with this band is difficult, but how come is like that and which band is the better one among all?

  3. Na so, my brother, about 95% of 4G phones we have around are not supported by Glo LTE band. Believe me, it’s so annoying

  4. Yes; the Camon CX gave no such issues when we tested it here too.

    The case of the CM is beginning to look like that of the CX Air which everyone expected to work with Glo 4G but didn’t. Still, I am hoping someone else tests Glo 4G on the CM and shares their finding.

  5. Why can’t 4G, LTE be universal like 3G, instead of all this band band frequency confusion.. That’s my problem with it

  6. Now i know better.Glo happens to be my primary sim.The 4g glo compatibility listed on the specs sheet makes me want to buy the phone.Thanks for the info.

  7. Thank God Glo doesn’t cut it where I am.

    Mtn and Airtel all the way.

    The 4G lte service is not on the front burner up till now.

    3G still paves the way.

    Sad but true

  8. You should see how happy I was when MTK Engineering Mode told me the Camon CM supports Glo’s Band 28.

    However after days of searching everywhere for Glo 4G signal, it was with heavy hands I edited my Camon CM Review to break the bad news to my readers.

    The song playing in my mind the whole time was Tope Alabi’s ‘aye le o’. Tecno has once again done us wayo…

  9. Stephen,

    I am glad to see that someone else has this experience with the Camon CM. I kept thinking, “What am I doing wrong?”And I have been in this review business a while.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. 4G? Hmmm I really dont know what the hype is all about…The network is still bad to me

  11. The Annoying part is even when your phone lashes on the 4G you can’t see how it is better than 3G. it appears and disappears for most part of the day. most 4G “acclaimed phones” can’t pegg it down.

    Still hoping to get out of this 4G Woods.

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