Mister Mo’s DroiPad 8D review is here! We have had this beautiful tablet at Mobility Towers for a number of weeks now. Can you depend


TECNO DroiPad 8D review: Yay or Nay?

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Mister Mo’s DroiPad 8D review is here! We have had this beautiful tablet at Mobility Towers for a number of weeks now. Can you depend on it? Does it have any quirks and failings? Questions. Questions. Relax and let me break it all down to you in a language you can understand.


First, the TECNO DroiPad is beautiful. It has a metal unibody with a very polished feel. The 8-inch display has a smooth, lush feel too. Our review unit is white. You will like it. Of course, being a TECNO, it is dual SIM. No brainer.

TECNO DroiPad 8D (8II)

4G LTE internet. This 8-inch tablet is 4G LTE capable. We put our Smile 4G SIM card in it and it worked well.


The battery life is impressive. The Droipad 8D packs a 5,000 mAh battery that does an impressive job. This is one of those devices that you charge fully and go about your work day without a care. Even with an active 4G internet connection, the Droipad 8D keeps going. Plus, it has fast charging, so you can get it up fast from a low or empty battery.

Feels heavy in the hand. TECNO did not supply the weight of the Droipad 8D, but it has a bit of heft in the hand. It isn’t overly heavy, but pick it up and you will feel it.


Unimpressive Cameras. The main camera is a 5 megapixrl shooter, which is good enough for your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter photos. But don’t go expecting really great shots coming from the Droipad 8D. The front-facing camera is 2 megapixels. See, just don’t bother.

No HiOS. This is odd, considering that HiOS was out on the Boom J8 before the launch of the 8D. Perhaps its development was far gone before HiOS was ready, but the Droipad 8D does not ruun HiOS out of the box. Perhaps a future software update will rectify that. See our review of HiOS.

You can charge other devices with it. The Droipad also has reverse charging. That huge battery can come in handy in charging your less endowed smartphones. Just plug them in and this tablet charges them up.


OTG is here. The Droipad 8D has OTG built in, so you can plug in a flash drive to copy files on and off it. TECNO included an OTG cable in the box. Yay!

Stereo speakers don’t impress. The Droipad 8D has stereo speakers, but as stereo speakers go, it isn’t one of the better ones out there.

Performance. This is another weak spot of the Droipad 8D. Apparently, to get it to deliver the impressive battery life, TECNO clocked the quad-core processor at 1 GHz. RAM is 1 GB too. In other words, if you want a tablet that does some heavy lifting, this is not the one. It runs Android 5.1 Lollipop and works well for regular usage – web browsing, email, social media, etc. But this tablet is not for heavy multi-taskers, graphics/video editors, or gamers.


Droipad 8D photo 4

In all, the TECNO Droipad 8D is a good tablet, so long as you are not buying it for heavy work. The battery life is excellent, so it particularly works well as a hotspot and powerbank built into one. Cost? N42,000 more or less, depending on retailer and location.


Do not forget to have a look at our gallery of 10 stunning photos of this beautiful tablet, as well as the full Droipad 8D specifications sheet.

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