TECNO Phantom 5 gets minor software update OTA

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This morning, TECNO pushed out a minor software update to their 2015 flagship, the Phantom 5. The changelog lists it as Version Phantom5-H531-B16-L-20151016, bringing “enhanced machine stability” and “bug patches”.


The update is a 27.24 MB file and is available over-the-air (OTA).


  1. The update makes my phone faster a bit though, God bless you for this…..

    dancing sekem away from the post while listening to it via my ever powerful Tecno Phantom 5

  2. Good for them. If all Chinese phoneMakers gradually dole out bug patches and OTA updates for their flagship phones, people will care less about Android One phone

  3. Good on them,updates are what distinguishes the BIG Boys from the crowd of Android OEMs,hope they keep up the support for their Flagship customers..

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