Which Nigerian 4G networks work on TECNO Phantom 6?

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The TECNO Phantom 6 is here (see full specifications). We have run our performance benchmark tests. Now, we turn to examining 4G LTE network compatibility and bring you the results of our Phantom 6 4G tests.

As you may already know, LTE compatibility is messy. We have SIM cards from four 4G LTE networks available in-house, namely: MTN, Ntel, Smile, and Spectranet in the house, and we put them all to the test in the Phantom 6.

lte bands - Phantom 6 4G tests

The Phantom 6 is one of those smartphones that have 4G only and 3G only network modes in the phone’s Network Settings. 2G only is there too. Then we have two auto modes: 4G/3G/2G (auto) and 3G/2G (auto). However you want to peg your network, TECNO’s HiOS gives you the liberty to do so. Not a lot of manufacturers implement this level of choice of network modes.

MTN: Phantom 6 4G tests

We popped in a Visafone-MTN SIM card. Top our surprise, the phone didn’t latch on to the MTN 4G network when we picked 4G only. In auto mode, it latched on to 3G and 2G but not 4G signal either. This is the surprise of these Phantom 6 4G tests. We were almost sure that MTN’s 4G network would be no problem on this beauty.

Update 1st October, 2016: We gave this another shot today and the Phantom 6 latched on to MTN 4G network almost immediately we popped the Visafone-MTN SIM card in. So, Visafone lines migrated to MTN are a go for 4G on the Phantom 6.

Smile: Phantom 6 4G tests

We popped in a Smile 4G SIM, set the Phantom 6 to 4G only and it latched on to the Smile 4G network immediately. Easy pie. The light is very green for Smile 4G.

Ntel: Phantom 6 4G tests

We popped in an Ntel 4G SIM and in a few minutes, the Phantom 6 latched on to the network. Ntel 4G is bright green on this baby.

Spectranet: Phantom 6 4G tests

The Phantom 6 did not latch on to Spectranet’s 4G network when we put a Spectranet SIM card in it. We tried again and again. The phone did not latch on. That’s a red light for Spectranet on the Phantom 6.

Wrap Up

SIM cards from Ntel, Smile and Visafone-MTN 4G networks are good to go on the TECNO Phantom 6. SIM cards from Spectranet and MTN-Visafone do not. We are still stumped by the MTN failure to work. MTN says their LTE network runs on Band 7(2600) and that is one of the bands specified in the specs sheet we got for the Phantom 6. We will snoop around a bit. Perhaps the specs sheet was wrong. Perhaps we got something wrong. But we will investigate some more and update you on this.

Do join us for our next 4G LTE tests (we have a few smartphones in our sights). Do not forget to go through our archives for more 4G LTE resources, as well as more TECNO Phantom 6 resources. Use the search form at the top of the page to search for information that you need on Mobility Arena.


  1. So the “leader-in-waiting” network with the most LTE footprint in the country won’t work with this expensive device? Not good enough.

  2. Please, Spectranet that is become a waste. Please, how lasting is the Phantom 6 on 4G?

  3. But I saw one Jesse on my Twitter tweet that the Ntel and MTN 4G are working fine on his Phantom 6

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