There has been a lot of attention on TECNO’s 2016 twin flagships, the Phantom 6 and the Phantom 6 Plus. They are both interesting devices.

First Look: TECNO Phantom 6 photos and unboxing

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There has been a lot of attention on TECNO’s 2016 twin flagships, the Phantom 6 and the Phantom 6 Plus. They are both interesting devices. We have the smaller of the two flagships, the Phantom 6, in the house here at Mobility Arena. Here are our first Phantom 6 photos, as well as our first impressions of the device.

TECNO Phantom 6 Photos

The package comes in a big black box that contains other black boxes.
TECNO Phantom 6 Photos -boxes-in-box-min

TECNO has included a protective flip cover, 3.5 mm audio headset, and a USB Type-C adapter. The adapter lets you use your regular USB cable with the Phantom 6.
TECNO Phantom 6 Photos -box-content-min

USB Type-Cable and charger ports are in the box too.

The Phantom 6 looks like this out of the box.
TECNO Phantom 6 Photos -out-of-the-box-in-hand

The Phantom 6 resting peacefully on the desk right after we booted it up. It laid there, waiting for us to take it for a spin.

A close up shot of the top half of the phone. Nice lines. No shouting. You also get a preview of the user interface.
Phantom 6 4G tests

The bottom section of the phone.
TECNO Phantom 6 Photos -bottom

The full metal unibody gleams here. The design lines are familiar, but all tastefully done.

This shot shows you the dual rear cameras. One is 13 megapixels. The other is 5 megapixels. The dual LED flash placed in between them. You can see how the 13 megapixel lens is raised up. On the visible edge, you find the dual-SIM tray and dedicated micro-SD card slot.

The dual rear cameras enable refocussing effects when you take pictures. Basically, the second camera adds depth to the photos you take, so you can focus on only the parts that you want in your photographs. The Bokeh effect; yes.

The Lenovo Vibe S1 has dual front-facing cameras too to achieve the same effect with your selfies. We have also seen Nokia’s PureView 808, Lumia 1020 and others produce same effect without dual camera setups. We will see how well TECNO gets this as we put the TECNO Phantom 6 to use as we shoot photos in and around Lagos and beyond. But I tried it out briefly yesterday and got a nice result. See how objects in the foreground are faded out in this photo shot with the TECNO Phantom 6:
TECNO Phantom 6 dual camera bokeh

TECNO Phantom 6 First Impressions

Now, that we have looked at our TECNO Phantom 6 photos, let us give a quick summary of our first impressions.

Picking up the Phantom 6, the first thing I notice is how lightweight it feels in the hand. And then the beauty of the device seduces you to explore it in closer detail. The Phantom 6 is beautiful, lightweight, and powerful. Everyone around us fell in love with the looks.

In my article about what TECNO fans were expecting from the Phantom 6, I mentioned that nothing less than a 2.0 octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM would do. The Phantom 6 ticked those boxes right, so we have a power horse here.

Battery-wise, I expected nothing less than 3,200 mAh capacity. As such, I was at first sceptical of the 2,700 mAh battery. However, the Helio P10 processor (which TECNO has used here in the Phantom 6) is more battery friendly than the X10. Perhaps, my apprehension will be proved unnecessary. We shall give our verdict in our full review.

We have run our performance benchmark tests, as well as tested four 4G networks on it.

The speakers on the Phantom 6 sound awesome though. There is a decent level of bass and clarity in the audio output. I fell in love immediately.

Wrap Up

That’s it, folks! Our TECNO Phantom 6 photos and first impressions. So far, so good. Hang around. We have lots of stuff on the Phantom 6 coming up for your delightful consumption. Any questions? Please ask away and I shall do my best to provide you accurate answers.

PS: Our TECNO Phantom 6 Review is ready!


  1. Azeez, hi. The adapters on the right and left are three-pin and two-pin plugs respectively. They are used with the one in the foreground, to which the USB cable (in the background) is plugged.

  2. There are three things that look like a charger there. One is the connector. The others are used to connect to the connector depending on the number of plugin holes you prefer – three pin or two pins.

  3. There is actually more to it than just snapping pictures as long as Sony cameras are involved.

    I would have loved to see the P6 plus unboxing though.

  4. I currently use a tecno phone and I was really impressed with it. I’m thinking of upgrading the phone and your detailed article has made me want to go for the phantom. Great article by the way.

  5. Actually it’s one Adaptor with to different Socket connect for even better convenience. depending on your wall socket.

  6. Gone are those days; When Tecno Mobile were given little or no concern when it comes to Smartphone brands, right now i see dem making Huge wave. This Device is Slim and beautiful

  7. Please how much is this phone & where can i purchase one?
    Does it have a Finger print sensor?

  8. I’ve had a hands-on experience with the phone, trust me you’ll be blown away when you buy it.
    Awesome all round device.

  9. No it doesn’t, but theres am eye scanner that is equally secure. The phantom 6+ has a fingerprint scanner though.
    You can’t go wrong with either of them.

  10. has anyone checked the performance of this device on multi-tasking if yes,how is it??

  11. The charging systems are great. With the fast charge, I see many people liking these set of phantoms.

  12. The phantom 5 multi-tasking is cool, i dont think the phantom 6 wouldnt be a step down.

  13. I’m really impressed forget. The two-pin and three-pin charger is what even impressed me the most.

  14. The beauty is really very beautiful, I like the Gold Interface, I’ll get one for my girlfriend but boyfriend hasn’t gotten for himself yet 🙁

  15. I saw some pictures online taken by the Phantom 6 and I must say, the camera is absolutely amazing, the camera is on another level, I was wowed.

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