Imagine a touchscreen phone that has a lost phone tracking ability, threaded SMS, multiple 3 wallpaper skins for customization with widgets, and is pre-loaded with

Tecno T9 Review

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tecno t9Imagine a touchscreen phone that has a lost phone tracking ability, threaded SMS, multiple 3 wallpaper skins for customization with widgets, and is pre-loaded with internet settings of most African mobile networks, including our own MTN and ZAIN (now Airtel).

It comes with a few apps – Snaptu, Opera Mini 4.2, MSN chat, Yahoo Messenger, a bible, mMail and a Skype app (which I think is a senseless move, as the phone is not a 3G phone, but has only GPRS/EDGE).

The music platform is powerful, with so much graphics display, you just want to be looking at it. Once you add music files to the music folder, it autoupdates. The 3.5 mm audio jack allows me to play my favourite tracks through my car audio system.

It comes with a 3 megapixel camera, with a photo editing suite. You can remove redeye and put captions on the picture being edited. You can import clip arts from the internet to the clipart folder.

It has push email capabilities, though I have not been able to configure this on the phone. I use Etisalat easycliq and a Glo SIM to do my internet browsing (oh least I forget, it’s a dual SIM phone, and both SIMs are usable for internet connectivity).

This is also a java phone, though certain java apps would not launch. An attempt to install lots of java apps on the phone causes it to freeze and black. As such, I decided to stick with just 2 or 3 apps above the preloaded ones.

Part of the fun of owning a new phone is the initital period of exploration. It took me about an hour to find out that the menu has 2 interfaces. You have to swipe to slide out the second one. I also fond out that it has 2 charging ports – one via USB and the other a Nokia-like pin charger port. This translates to never being stranded when it comes to charging.

This phone can be used as a modem. Also, just plugging in the USB cable to a computer opens up the internal storage (11MB) and the external storage (2GB) in your PC explorer. The phone comes with a 13-month warranty – and it works (I have confirmed this with the major dealers in my locality). The manufacturers have a very strong presence in Lagos.

Having used the phone for over 2 months, I would rate it 8 out of 10, especially for a phone that cost under 12k.

I have just introduced to you the Tecno T9 mobile phone.

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  1. A friend owns this phone.

    He is a phone connoisseur, and the way he was racvng about the numerous features of this phone got my attebtion. He rates it highly – as well.

    The only letdown – for him- is the tiny lettering on the keypad (his eyesight cannot be exactly be described as eagle-like!)

    These Chinese phones are slowly but surely improving. And they come @ unbelievable prices too!

  2. I once ran into a candybar QWERTY Tecno phone that was going for N15,000. I thought I’d give it a try but never got round to buying it. The hardware looked and felt good, and so I was curious about the UI and performance of the OS.

    Its good to have a review like this here. Thanks.

  3. @Kay123, I understand the battery life is incredible (unlike lots of Chinese phones). It comes with a single battery…

    Maybe Paul Iguniwei can confirm – and also let us know the negatives about this phone, if any…

  4. thanks yomi.the battery life is very good,with 3hrs of music&4hrs of internet,the battery wil be on standby for the next 8hours

  5. They are coming. They are getting better with time. Very soon, the likes of Techno T9 will flood the market and the feature phones with high prices will be knocked off the shelf. Feature for price, these phones are becoming more relevant by the minute and Techno is breaking with the known chinese tradition to give us quality and durable phones. The big names now have something to worry about.

  6. With this laudable review of the Techno T9, it appears they may be another disruptor in the mobile phone marketshare soon. This time, it is going to be in the feature Phone category. Not long ago, ZTE KNOCKED out Apple/RIM as the 4th largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The Chineese are getting lots of steam and momentum at the moment. They are producing lots of good devices. Just look at HTC (Taiwan) and Lenovo for instance! And even look at Japan, they started just like the Chinese with imitation; now look at how far they’ve gone in innovation and electronic sales.

    Just give ZTE and Techno, some more time, and well grounded mobile phones manufacturers will have to grapple with another disruptor in the mobile phone circles.

  7. thanks afewgoodmen, i hold your comments in the highest of esteem. this T9 Phone Rocks,I just upgraded snaptu.a major downside of this phone is the slow connetivity,i wished its 3G

  8. Except they’ve started skimping on accessories, the phone comes with two 1100mAh batteries, very good iPod like earphones. However, Tecno was being economical with the truth about the T9’s camera. Its not a 3.0MP snapper, its more along the lines of a 1.xMP camera.
    And the battery is just on steroids!

  9. @jujukemist I am indeed flattered. Thanks. It is always good to say things as they Are. Kudos.

  10. Wait a minute, are we advising us to patronize this guys? I thought there were called china phones because there are hazardous.

    Formost- their charger consumes same current as an electric iron ( its a known fact not to charge ur china phone when using generator esp. I pass my neighbor ), all cases of mobile phone explosion due to interference with generators and other equipment are china phones. fyi I lost a colleague, his china phone exploded because a call came the moment his generator came up – as told by his wife

    The one time I used it I noticed regular head aches just because of regular useage.

    Also, we were told to avoid placing the phone in a position that makes the hazardous rays hit our skin.

    Pls don’t tell me am the only one who’ve heard how destructive these china phones can be. I hear they are so destructive, they are not legal… at least I was there when army stormed maryland.

  11. Douglas…just one question for You….what is a china phone? Can you pls define? Are you trying to say a not so popular brand is a china phone or any phone made in china? Be specific..

  12. @Douglas, your premonitions are not without merit. You made a correct point to a level. But you are still not free from the fallacy of HASTY GENERALIZATION. When you generalize, more often than not, you tend to make mistakes and inadvertently join the good with the bad. Like throwing the baby with the dirty water; so to speak.

    What many of us regard as “China Phones” are in fact cheap imitations of NOKIA phones. Sometimes misspelled NOKLA or Mokia. Those phones are not made from manufacturers with integrity and they base their business by just simply trying to woo the unsuspecting public that they may be buying Nokia products while actually they are not.

    Imitation, they say is the greatest form of flattery. But that does not include trickery rightfully. If a manufacturer is bold enough to manufacture a phone in it’s own name and place it’s own lable on it, I think that Company is credible, no matter the humble beginnings.

    What companies like ZTE, LENOVO And perhaps Tecno are doing is no imitation. They have one thing in common; they are all Chinese Companies, but they are all doing well. They do not pretend to be Nokia or any other company for that matter. They are churning out good products that are competing well with established brands like Nokia, Samsung and Apple. LENOVO competes with Apple for top end notebook sales. ZTE is gradually surpassing Nokia in dumb phone sales in China and maybe India. Isn’t that something?

    Not all products from China are fake. You can buy top-end as well as low-end quality products from China. You just choose what you want. What you get is how much you are ready to pay. By the way, Apple products as well are HP computers and laptops are manufactured by FOX CON, a Chineese company for the US BASED firms because of the cheapness in labour/Cost. Will you also classify them as “China phones” or “China Electronics”?

  13. Afewgoodmen thanks for that said my mind..that was d reason i askd douglas to define his own ‘china phone’ cause obviously techno is not a china was made in china quite alright but its different from them nokla and nockia..

  14. i must confess,when i was writing this review, i never thought, i will see such strong comments.i have this spirit of trying out new things-giving new entrants a chance.i would say,why buy a brand name,why not buy functionality. . .

  15. yes you are very correct,it comes with two powerful batteries&a very beautiful 3.5mm audio jack.with a cd.i believe these tecno guys have come stay.expect an android soon from them

  16. I might have generalized the whole thing, however saying Techno is not a china phone is Ovarated. I remember Techno’s big ass tv phone with Antenna way back, and just for the record ZTE is the second largest mobile phone producer.

    Maybe Techno has upgraded, as a matter of fact am going to look for anyone around me with techno and take another look at the phone.

  17. @sanni, pls refer to the original review, you would find out that I said the menu has 2 interface.You need to swipe the menu you are looking at-it has video to your leftmost top corner. Now swipe to the right to reveal another set off menus,there you will find the settings menu

  18. can someone teach me how to operate tecno t9 phonne in terms of phone settings(date & time setting)

  19. Thanks all. I think the Tecno T9 is a very good phone so far cos thats what im using now, my problem here is that with mine the internet opens alright but u cant scroll down or up or even view the whole mail you will see the caption but not the mail itself and i bought it bcos of the internet, again with the KJV Bible its only Gen. 1:1 – 4 that opens nothing more,its just so stagnant. But above all i love it, when i first saw it on TV i couldnt rest until i bought it. Please help!!!

  20. From comments above, the T9 seems to be a good phone. Does it have EDGE or is it only GPRS connectivity? How fast is the internet. Jujukemist or any one using the phone should please comment. Thanks.

  21. @viktor,

    This phone is presented here by the writer only to show that Chinese phones are coming of age. If you are looking for a phone for internet browsing or for internet based apps, you should look elsewhere. The phone is an improvement on the usual Chinese ones and nothing more. Very good for those coming from feature phone who want a touch phone with good multimedia. For internet, dont touch….

  22. for mobile internet this phone is good.while i am planning to get an N8&an android tablet,the t 9 has been my only window to the internet-my laptop packed runs opera mini,bolt etc.its not 3g,but runs edge/gprs.its not fast,but gets you connected to the whole world

  23. TECHNO is what it is Techno: nothing more nothing less. It’s good technology that serves its purpose. The thing is sleek, beautiful, good to hold, easy to play with and understand. In other words, it is user friendly; not like the Blackberry Torch that gave me headache to use when I first bought it for 105k. I needed panadol extra to cool my head before I could finally figure out the damn thing. And mind you i’m phone savvy. So, with phones, it’s not just the price or the land of the maker. It’s the taste of the consumer. If it serves your purpose, it’s good, no matter what others say. Since I bought the T9 it has replaced the Blackberry Torch as my primary ‘call’ phone, while the Blackberry has become my browsing partner, despite its poor downloading ability. You see, Techno is brand China. Its products are competitive. Imitations they may be technologically, but brand wise they are distinct – they have a name to defend. To the Chinese there is nothing wrong with imitation, as long as it will take you to your goal. It’s a Confucian tradition. Besides, imitation is one of the most useful ways to learn. We all imitate: from the language we speak to the food we eat and the way we dress or farm and even reproduce each other, it’s all replete with imitation. Without it we would cease to be who we are. Even the way we make love comes from instinctive imitation. That is why everybody does the missionary position – even peverts can’t escape it. Yet natural as imitation is, it does not replace innovation or creativity. And that is what the Chinese makers of T9 have done. They have innovated their product type and carved out a nich market for themselves. That is why we are all raving about their Techno brand. Clearly, it’s a brand that appears doomed to succeed. I recommend the T9. The price is right, the product is good. What else can one ask for in a world such as ours: Blackberry Torch or Samsung Galaxy? Big name, big bucks, big headache. Come get mine, it’s all yours, for some more headache – without panadal extra. Cheers!

  24. dumping blackberry touch for t9.the chinese must hear this! on a much serious note, you have made a very strong salient point

  25. with above comments it seems that tecno T9 is good.can someone tell me the price and anybody with useful info on tecno T8 should share it.

  26. I have very serious issues with the T9 phone. Sleek, handy and with nice features but DIIFICULT! Texting is wack!
    The Pixel is a lie!
    can’t even receive instant emails.
    someone please tell me the phone has a way out of all this that I’ve not discovered.

  27. Am known as The Tecno Techie amongst friends. Am a die-hard fan of the T9. It has to be the best bang-for-your-buck phone anywhere. Bought 2 more, end of June for some friends. Price is now N11500.

    Now I hear there’s the T8 out and with WIFI ??? Can anyone really say if it’s from the same TECNO whose website carries NO MENTION whatsoever of this new device ?

    Can someone kindly point me to a picture of the new T8. The whole Google search is drawing blanks.

  28. Responding To Klasprod.

    Yes Texting is not seamless at all, though the threaded texts ability makes up BIGTIME.
    Forget the camera, I never use mine.

    Now go grab the latest snafu java, and install. Oh instant emails are not really do-able. And I also downloaded a gmail java client and it keeps tab of my main google emails.

  29. I just bought a tecno phone but I have not been able to transfer my music, which I need for working out.I have tried for 4 days and I feel like a blonde!! Any help with this please!!

  30. these manufacturers in my opinion are a long from making quality products at the price point they have fixed, i bought the dual-sim etisalat phone a few months back. I have been impressed by the phone it switches off and on at preset times, the FM radio and mp3 players come in handy. But the phone gets noticeably warm at the 10th minute mark, which I think poses a health problem. So I usually avoid having any conversation on that would last beyond 5 minutes.

  31. The bad part of this phone is that you may have to type your contact one by one. It is so sad

  32. Can anyone tell me how to copy my contact? I have about 600 contact on my phone. Its sad that I bought this phone and I may have manually move my contact

  33. just saw the new tecno T8, i think they tried to solve some of the problems in their T9. i will give it a try & get mine 2mr.

  34. Couldn’t resist getting the new Tecno T8 for 18K. Now I get automatic choice of Wifi or GSM for PUSH-EMAIL.

    The interface is very configurable, multi-paned and sleek, but with too many options that are not well integrated. But most of all, I lose the treaded texting ability of the T9, but gain what they call text conversation. Worse for me, is the lost call recorder from the T9.

    Already emailed the company wanting a beta firmware but the mail bounced. Hmmmm……

    Overall, a good and affordable phone with a lot going for it. What should I do with my veritable reliable T9 ? KEEP IT. The T9 has been bullet-proof.

  35. @ Akbarkan, you have nailed it all, blackberries, androids and the likes of these expensive phones are just out there to zap our money. I use a blackberry and I will tell you that as far battery life is concerned, they are total failure.

    My colleague has a T9 and the only thing I do that he can’t do is bbm chat. He downloads his push emails, sends emails and can even attach files to his to be sent emails. My flat mate has a bold 4 that hangs like crazy, I have lost count of the number of times I plug in my charger daily for my bold2.

    Most phones are made in china and for Tecno to stand out of the crowd, then they have made a mark.

    Where are the sagems, motorollas, triums and if care is not taken sony ericsson will soon join the list. Samsung is struggling with the market, nokia has been successful basically for their long battery life and user friendliness plus consideration for the less privilege in their prices.

    My HTC desire HD7 is a mess in its user friendliness let alone the sickly battery life. We need to be grateful to chinkos for their so called phones. They are doing a great job and believe it or not they have the largest market share of phones in Lagos.

    They have improved considerably and in 5 yrs we can hope for something really classy from techno.

  36. ”Where are the sagems,
    motorollas, triums and if
    care is not taken sony
    ericsson will soon join the
    list. Samsung is struggling
    with the market, nokia has
    been successful basically
    for their long battery life
    and user friendliness plus
    consideration for the less
    privilege in their prices”

    @simo2rule, you said that well except samsung struggling….they are doing very very well! Better than nokia at the moment if you dont know!

  37. WOW… Its good to know there other TECNO fans out there…
    i have been using my TECNO “system” since oct. 2010, and d only prob i have with it is that it doesn’t upload pics..
    well now there is a new T8, i guess its time to try again! cheers !!

  38. transfering contacts from one phone to another is not a prob.conect both phones to a pc,click mass storage and drag and drop,after backing up contacts to memory card.Or enter phonebook on phone,mark several or all then move to sim card,then put sim in new phone,and transfer to phone

  39. hi i have t9 and i got the firstbank firstmobile jar file after installin, the midlet froze the phone. Restart d phone and launched d program. it did not load but gave a white background. any body using first mobile on your handset?

  40. @ David.

    Try uninstalling the firstbank firstmobile jar, then reinstall to the the memory card instead the defaulting phone memory , then check if you get the white blank screen. Am suspecting that the program ran out of memory. If I recall right, the memory cache for java programs on the T9 is 320000 bytes. CHEERS

  41. thanks kmd for the suggestion. i went further in deletin files that i have backup such as music and pictures. yet jblend logo still stays long until i have to terminate it. if you have t9 i will send you the firstbank jar files for you to try send me your email to thanks

  42. i wouldnt recommend any of these chinese brands to anybody (ZTE, tecno etc), I bought the Etisalat dual sim phone ZTE SG213 about 4 months ago to handle my calls. But today am downright afraid of using it for that purpose, I personally won’t take any call that wouldn’t last beyond 5minutes, I’m dumping it finally as soon the phone shop brings in their nokia C2-00 next week. The ZTE phone just gets hot during calls and the call volume seems to drop from low to lower. The phone has made itself a problem to me.

  43. I have seen that this company has a good vision but my problem i have with them is about their software. Why you don’t have tracking device in tecno T8?

  44. Hi everyone, read the comments on the T9, I just want to know if email attachment can be made with it? Am thinking of getting another phone and from these reviews I’ll sure consider the T9 or T8

  45. I have to agree with the comment on battery life of Tecno phones. they are out of this world!. definitely on par with d nokia torch light models … maybe even better

  46. ha ha ha! i’ve been laughing all night since i ran into this blog! thought i was the only one who was crazy about tecno. first i must say the reviewer is a very good writer. he just sells it! i use a T9 miself and me thinks it is a lovely phone. it is not about the price, i would buy it if it was twice the amount i paid for it. unpretentious, effective, fiercely faithful and it is actually touchscreen! man! i could not believe my eyes. just saw an ad for the T8 and i’ll get it if it is just so i can send “normal” text messages again.

  47. hi guys! excellent comments!! i have actually been using the tecno t9 since several months now. the phone is quite ok.

    however, there are some lapses any advanced user can readily pinpoint on the phone. i use my tecno mainly as a modem aside from its excellent multimedia features. because i cannot stand the difficulties encountered with text input on the tecno, i hardly edit sizeable text with the phone.

    or, can someone tell me how best to scroll while in text edit field. my preferred text input mode is multitap/t9 with poor and non-update-able dictionary, just because the QWERTY option isn’t good at all (or, do i say it’s a joke?).

    and how about the received text message display? – simply awful! the native email client freezes when you try to access an imap account, and you must reset to factory settings to correct this, after which you must have to reinstall all your previously installed applications. for pop, there’s no problem.

    i actually run both opera mini 4.2 and opera mini 6 on same phone without conflict. and that’s in addition to bolt 2.5.2 as well as the latest ucweb. applications like eBuddy, nimbuzz, snaptu, etc are not left out. but for gmail mobile, application is unstable.

    apart from using the phone as a modem, it’s very ok for chatting once you have the relevant applications installed. overall, the phone is good enough.

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