We live in an age of sexy mobile user interfaces. Think of the new kids on the block, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. While Android

The Android User Interface Can Be Sexy Yet

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We live in an age of sexy mobile user interfaces. Think of the new kids on the block, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. While Android is the most functional mobile OS by far, it’s UI is just there. I am not a big fan of Android’s user interface. It used to be really ugly before now, and has recently been touched up a bit to not be so repulsive. However, it is looking to me like there’s hope for us to think of Android as sexy.

A few days ago, I got an update notification on my smartphone, and after 8 updates, I observed a common trend across the updated apps – they all deployed a fresh, new, sexy user interface. I began to wonder if this UI wouldn’t be nice as the future of Android. The apps in question are: WordPress, Evernote, and LinkedIn. If memory serves me right, Google+, Facebook, and Pages Manager already had this UI before now. Here are screenshots of each app:






AndroidUI-Pages Manager

What is distinct about this new look? First up is the action bar is the horizontal bar at the top, giving you quick access to a number of functions on each app. The action bar isn’t quite implemented the same way on each app, but its there. Tapping on the arrow next to the logo on the action bar reveals the Menu Drawer, that vertical column on the left. You tap on items in the menu drawer to get to your work (or view) space, so you can read, post and/or edit!

Having this set of nice-looking apps on my device is like fresh air. The UI is simple, but it is sexier than the plain old way things were done. It certainly feels as sexy as WindowsPhone and BlackBerry 10. Certainly sexier than iOS (truth be told, iOS is old school now – boring!). Perhaps there will come a time when this will become a uniform look and feel for Android? Time will tell.


  1. with third party aunchers available to personalize and customize the Android experience, all is groovy…

  2. They are using the new Android HIG which has been kicking around since Android 4.0 was introduced but is only now being implemented by app developers

  3. Android UI is ugly? When I hear this, I usually wonder if its the same Android OS I use. I think the various launchers are ugly (bite me!). I installed a couple of launchers on my Nexus tab, was amazed at the sheer ugliness and prompty unistalled them. Vanilla Android rocks o jare.

  4. @Khene I prefer touchwiz to any android interface and I dont see android as ugly.

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