The battle for virtual assistant accuracy

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Every now and then, I keep seeing comparison between different OS virtual assistant in a battle for who’s more accurate and the recent one to be seen is Microsoft and Apple. In a bid to promote Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana, the company has come up with a new ad which sees Cortana contest with Apple’s Siri.


Microsoft decides to use the Nokia Lumia 635 against the iPhone 5s. Microsoft decides to focus on the parts where Cortana is strongest such as setting reminders. one of the examples shows both assistants been asked to remind “when my wife calls remind me to tell her happy anniversary” and Siri simply say it can’t do that. Instead it will just set up a reminder to remind so you can do it yourself.

You can watch the full video below.

Before now an analyst from Gene munster did a research after asking Google Now and Siri about 800 questions and Google Now was slightly more accurate than Siri with about 2%, although when the research was first conducted back in December Siri was more accurate about 2%. In both cases Siri and Google Now have been found to at least have 80% accuracy.

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  1. That advert up there was a little biased or rather skewed in favour of Cortana. The review or rather advertiser was giving those voice commands directed specifically to Cortana and hoping Siri will respond, that’s not good enough. It should’ve been such that there was no mention of Cortana but simple straight commands. I doubt very much that commands directed to Siri with the Siri keyword or whatever keyword that Apple devote to giving commands to Siri will go down well with Cortana. That initial mention of Cortana could’ve caused confusion making it difficult for Siri to make correct sense of the commands and in effect, present Siri as not capable enough.

    I’m sure another advert will surface soon from the iSheep clan to right this wrong. But to be sincere, these speech engines have really advanced to great extents that the usual machine accent is almost gone.

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