The Commuter – Short movie shot on a Nokia N8

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There’s a new movie in town – The Commuter, and it was shot in HD/720p entirely on the Nokia N8. The movie is a fast-paced action comedy that demonstrates the awesome movie-recording capabilities of the N8.

The Commuter stars Dev Patel, Charles Dance, Ed Westwick and Pamela Anderson.

the commuter

I watched the movie yesterday, and if I had not been told, I might not have guessed that it was shot on a mobile phone. Recording quality is better than that of several Nollywood productions that I know. Perhaps it is time for some Nollywood producers to give the N8 a try?

Here’s what Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel, who is lead actor in the film, has to say:

I wanted to encourage the next generation of filmmakers by showing that you don’t need expensive equipment and big budgets to make your own movies. The quality of a camera phone like the Nokia N8 allows filmmakers to produce amazing HD movies and I hope ‘The Commuter’ shows aspirational filmmakers that you can create a great movie even using a mobile phone.

Mobile film-making has been going on for a while. The Venture Show, a video podcast that I produced for a season, was shot on the Nokia E90 with good results. Steve Litchfield’s The Phones Show has been shot on a mobile for ages. Phones used in the past included the Nokias N93 and N86. He now uses the Samsung i8910 HD and Nokia N8.

Now, Nokia has got me wanting an N8. Finally. Just thinking of the things that I could do with this baby is leaving me lusting. In the meantime, I have the movie downloaded to my PC and smartphone, so I can watch it again and again.

And here it is for your viewing pleasure (note that you’ll need to go to the YouTube page to see The Commuter in its full 720p glory):

Source: Nokia Conversations


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  1. I saw it yesterday but I was in an hurry, now downloading it in its full 720p quality to watch on my HDTV.

  2. OhmeGod! I saw this on Gsmarena but was lazy about downloading it! Now there is no excuse why I shouldn’t. I would give my verdict later. I am only happy that there has been no spoiler yet!

    The N8 is a MUST for me! By next year, that is.

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