The dream of affordable mobile broadband

Mobile Broadband

A lot of dust was generated recently when Airtel gave notice that it was shutting out non-BlackBerry users from its very affordable BIS plan. Since that time, a lot of attention has been drawn to Etisalat’s generous BlackBerry Complete plan which works for non-BlackBerry users.

Whatever the sentiments about BlackBerry Internet Service plans, there is no arguing that affordable mobile broadband will be a game changer in a country like Nigeria, and indeed across all of Africa. By affordable, I mean dirt cheap. Something that almost any subscriber can afford on a monthly basis.

A generic data plan that provides 3GB data for N1,000 only is affordable, in my opinion. Imagine the bliss of being able to browse any website, watch any video, stream music without fear, and download software updates without the fear of ending up with a huge hole in your pocket. Consider the bliss of knowing that should you exhaust your 3GB data allocation, with a quick reload of N1,000, you are back online.

In addition to the above, imagine being able to do all the above at speeds of 2Mbps and above. Steady. Consistent. Affordable mobile broadband for subscribers. This is my dream. Back in June, I wrote that 3GB mobile internet data for N1,000 was on the way. I still believe that it is.

While it can be argued that it is here already, the truth is that as long as the average subscriber cannot get official help in configuration and support, it is largely a geek-fest. This means that only people who understand technical matters will be able to use it. Which network will bell the cat and officially announce a generic 3GB data plan for N1,000? I have a dream.

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