I had the privilege of meeting Ikhide R. Ikheloa sometime last year. Apart from talking about women and gadgets, the subject of writers and the

The Internet Is The New Book, Says Pa @Ikhide R. Ikheloa

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Internet new book

I had the privilege of meeting Ikhide R. Ikheloa sometime last year. Apart from talking about women and gadgets, the subject of writers and the internet was what most of our discussions during that meeting was about. We were both agreed that writers were missing out on change. Simply put, things have changed and writers need to get in on the new programme.

Here is a compilation of a series of tweets that he did on the subject of books and the internet:

Imagine if mathematicians had stuck with the slide rule. Computers would be relegated to third class status and we would not be here today. Chinua Achebe used the book, the Internet of the time, to tell us stories. Today, the Internet is the new book, write your stories on it… Don’t just read a book that has no hot link to another world. Read. Just read. Click away, you have no choice. Welcome to the real world…

A mistake is writers thinking that the internet is only a channel for marketing their books. Actually, we passed that stage some time ago. The internet is now the world’s de facto library.

Do you want to get read widely in 2014 and beyond? Put your writings on the internet. Do ebooks. Do blogs. Feel free to publish a paper book too if you please. But do not ignore the internet.

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  1. TRUE talk.

    UNFORTUNATELY, old habits die hard.There are still people who would tell you that they love being able to physically turn the pages of a book, hear the soft rustle.of those pages turning, and the inimitable smell of paper.

    WHILE the auditory aspect Us easily duplicable with e-books, the.olfactory aspect is decidedly unique to physical books.

    THERE is no doubt that, both content creators (in e-books) and the electronic_media consumers have a win win situation in their hands, by gong the electronic way.

    THE advantages are numerous.

    UNFORTUNATELY, if you are into book publishing, it could be foolhardy trashy assume that e-books would sell more than physical books,.particularly in this our area of the Planet.

    TF physical libraries would go out of fashion because of the wholesale adoption of the e_culture, we can be be sure that there would be resistance. And the greatest resistance all would come from the natural human propensity to jettison old habits.

    ONE other thing that stands physical books in good stead is the fact that you don’t need power to read a book. your Tablet or phablet needs power, and in the short run, are still “relatively expensive” to.procure, for most folks in the developing world, whet the population is.

    CHECK, even new age motivational speakers, lawyers and professors in our Citadels of Intellectualism .. they would proudly show you their collection of physical books, in their overflowing libraries..

    IF those would not completely go the e_way, I believe we have a long way to go before that e_culture truly catches on, ubiquitously, HERE…..

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