MTN Nigeria has launched Apple’s iPad on their network with an offer that gives a subscriber to the promo a Free Micro SIMs and 6GB

The iPad comes to Nigeria on the MTN network

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MTN Nigeria has launched Apple’s iPad on their network with an offer that gives a subscriber to the promo a Free Micro SIMs and 6GB data monthlybundled with a year’s validity.

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The 16GB version of the iPad is available for N141,000. The 32GB version is available for N157,000

Regulars will remember that last year, Yomi was able to confirm with a senior manager at MTN that this deal to bring the iPad to the MTN network is not Nigeria-specific but was an official arrangement between Apple and MTN as a global operation. Till now, the Apple appstore is still closed to Nigeria in terms of access to make purchases, and this new development is no sure indicator that access will be granted soon.

Still, users of the iPad will be able to download from the available free apps in the store.

According to the MTN website, this iPad offer is open to existing and new MTN Prepaid customers only.

***Hat tip to Afewgoodmen for tip-off.


  1. I think this is coming a little too late from MTN. Apple just announced iPad 2 and it will be in stores next tomorrow (13th March) for the same price as the original iPad while giving a $100 price cut for the first pad. It’s bad that the app store is still not open for Nigeria and there’s no official customer care around…

  2. Before I start, MTN is my primary line and I like them so much. Their recent Magic number and family and friends (plus 1 other network)has really been helpful and cost effective for me.

    Ok, Enough.
    Do you know that MTN Global says that MTN Nigeria has the best profit in the group, so that means that they are making real cash from Nigeria.

    When I saw this in the papers I went to MTN website to digest all the info on the iPad. To my surprise I did not see MTN mention at all that the 6GB data allowance was for a month or for a year, they just said that the validity for the 6GB is 1year.

    To the best of my knowledge, the 6GB data allowance is not monthly for a year, it only has a validity of 1 year. The implied interpretation from their website is that you can use the 6GB data allowance for a year (believe me you will finish it in a month or two).

    Come on, it took MTN a whole year to bring the Apple iPad to Nigeria. MTN has to know that gone are the days when they can deceive Nigeria and give us outdated gadgets. but don’t get me wrong the Apple iPad 1 is still a good buy.

    The Apple iPad 2 is already out with faster processor,2 cameras, Compass (for 3G version), Gyroscope, slimmer and starting at the same price (least I forget it also has a magical case, white version and HDMI connector for mirroring to your HDTV).

    Price in US for iPad 2
    Wifi only
    16GB $499, 32GB $599, 64GB $699
    Wifi plus 3G
    16GB $629, 32GB $729, 64GB $829

    iPad 1 is $100 less than each corresponding version of iPad 2
    This is what MTN Price contains
    16GB $529 @ 155 = 81,995
    32GB $629 @ 155 = 97,495
    MTN micro SIM = 1,000
    MTN normal 5GB = 8,000 (Though, they are giving 6GB)
    The balance = Super profit

    Should you buy an iPad = A big Yes.(even the iPad 1 is still a great buy)
    Should you buy Through MTN, make your own choice.

  3. @bosun99uk:, thank you for that comprehensive and brilliant analyses…

    Information EQUALS knowledge EQUALS power…

  4. This is really a welcomed development in Nigeria. The iPad is now being sold by an official Apple network partner. I wouldn’t go out-right to say that this is a little too late, but I would want to rightfully observe that may even be a harbinger of better things to come in the Nigerian Market.

    I want to see the day when the iPhone is sold officially in Nigeria and also whenever products from companies are launched, that they also be launched in only a short interval in Nigeria. Every manufacturer should take queue from Nokia and Blackberry and support Nigeria.! The iPad 2 was released in the US today. It is expected to be released worldwide, by March 25th but strangely Nigeria isn’t one of those 18 countries that will have it when it is launched internationally .. If MTN WANTS to really claim to be COOL then they have to be more pro-active. The iPad appears to be somewhat dated; iPad 2 is now the in-thing. So it wouldn’t be bad if hey could loan a unit to Yomi for an in House review. These people should copy Nokia.

    Bosun has said it all. Kudos to him. MTN’s profit margin is still unreasonably too high. Are they not ripping of Nigerians as usual? A reasonable price would’ve been 100,000 for 16gb and 120,000
    For the 32 GB.

  5. i beg do this mtn people really get to sell their devices? right from when i heard the jingle of them selling ipad i told my wife they will deman an arm & a leg for these toys…. and here we are, they didnt disappoint me at aaalllll.. rubbish mtn, always wanna make 100% of their investment in naija.

  6. Is it not funny that networts in Notrh America and Europe sell the ipad at subsidized prices while MTN Nigeria is sellind the same device over and above the Apple store price.
    I wonder how much MTN South Africa sells the ipad?

  7. It baffles me when MTN comes out with such pronouncements. How on earth will I spend so much of my hard earned money in buying the ipad from them when I’ll get that shipped directly to me from the states for a far cheaper price.

    Really, sometimes I wonder if people really patronize MTN and these other networks for phones and other gadgets cos their pricing is so outrageous and criminal. The profit margins gained are out of this world.

    My advice, don’t buy the ipad from MTN. You can get it shipped directly from the US far cheaper than what’s on offer here. As a guide, go to and buy whatever gadgets you may desire. Peace!

  8. I got a tip off yesterday from an Admin Guy, that MTN came to advertise Galaxy Tab to them. I said to the guy are you sure its not Apple iPad?

    Today, it was published in the Punch.

    Your World on a Tab.
    Samsung Galaxy Tab from MTN
    Cost 126,000 and comes with free data, sms and voice minutes all valid for 12 months (at least MTN is clearer about the free stuffs here)

    6GB of free data downloads
    360 free voice/video call minutes (we dont know if its to any network and when did MTN start video call?)
    360 free national SMS
    Free MTN SIM card.

    Etisalat was first to launch the Galaxy Tab and now we have iPad and Galaxy Tab from MTN . Without paying attention to the mypad from Sracomms and the Huawei S7 Android Tablet which MTN silently sold.

    I believe it is right to say that the Tablet WAR has started and I am so curious to see what Glo and Airtel has in stock.

    2011 could turn out to be the year Nigerians embrace Tablets.

  9. 5gb on a tablet for just 1 month at a ridiculous price of 8k, that’s a rip off. Well I subscribed to it and presently am pissed. The network is not always available and for it to open a highly graphics intense webpages takes ages and not properly open. Am not saying Mtn should make their profit, but at least give us services we paid for. I want me money back!!!

  10. @Adedoyin

    Probably you don’t have MTN 3G service in your area. I used the same service and it was quite fast.

  11. networks like mtn still thinks we are Surfing goons who dont know wher the ipad comes from

  12. I don’t want to hear anything like MTN again,They cheat and fraudster,Collaborated with some bad elements in our Nation just to milk us dry.Only God can judge them all.Shie ke na

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