The Infinix JoyPad 8s ends is that little, hazy indifference about the Infinix brand. It dissipates, like a December morning fog upon the sun shining. And as the indifference ends, do you know what begins?

The Joypad 8s ends your indifference about the Infinix brand [Sponsored]

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Infinix Joypad 8s commercial

A new Infinix device has been launched. It is a Tablet, it has smartphone features and so it’s been called a ‘Phone-tab’. But there is more. Just as the Joypad 8s launches, with hopes raised and all, something ends and something begins.

So what ends? What ends is that little, hazy indifference about the Infinix brand. It dissipates, like a December morning fog upon the sun shining. And as the indifference ends, do you know what begins? Let me shove in a bit of Spanish, just because Infinix is on some ‘super innovation’ high right about now. That high is what moves us to term the Joypad 8s all such phrases as ‘clásico’, ‘innovador’ and ‘eficiente’; because I don’t know how to drive home the effect of this tablet without a few foreign words. Pardon me. In translating, we have ‘classic’, ‘innovative’ and ‘efficient’ as our watchwords. And that is what begins. That is what this new ‘phone-tab’ kick-starts. And that is the heritage the Infinix brand stands to inspire amongst buyers if they stay on this path, if they dare to break grounds, and if they launch further into more trajectories.

I have used the Joypad 8s, and I will be very frank. It is sleek, quite sleek. And though it might not be the ‘greatest tab ever reigneth’, it is a markedly inspiring communication tool. A phone-tab in a separate league, something miles ahead of competition; the Joypad is kinda like Bolt on a race track, in his heyday. For all your previous misconceptions about Infinix, the Joypad 8s is here to erase doubts and insouciance. The Infinix Joypad 8s is a key Player these days, granted it might not be the best on the pitch, but it is right up there with the first names on the team sheet. It is, check again.

Now, at the mention of Infinix, there’s a general air of calm; some real drive that inspires confidence in a brand, and makes you want to own something off their range of devices. It is that glitz, that ‘eficiente’ characteristic and style that permeates neatly into the new gadget that is the Joypad 8s.

When you start to think that this new tablet is perhaps overrated, take sometime and reflect upon the 4.2.1 Android OS, the 204 x 142 x 8.8mm size as well as the 1.2GHZ Quad Core processor. Do you understand?

The Joypad 8s is not flawless, let’s all be honest. And I’m not saying it will solve world problems like starvation and war and rape and AIDS and terrorism, and stuff. But again, if we find something remarkable and can’t say, to what end is having a voice? We should say. I should write. We should buy. Because a 1G RAM, in-built storage capacity of 16G, and memory card expandable to 32G is enough to convince anyone. There is an 8.0″, TFT, IPS screen display, XGA 1024 x 768 resolution and GPS as well.

You actually don’t need to be impressionable to latch onto a tablet with a 5MP back camera, 2MP front camera and flashlight. There’s a G-Sensor, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor & eCompass as well as a 4150 mAh battery for all to enjoy.

You really don’t have to read this to grab a Joypad 8s for yourself. The specifications are there for all to see, for all to feel and for all to relish. Sweetness like juice from an apple squash, this tablet affords you a SIMCard slot, yet it comes pretty affordable. It is quite obvious what sleek device the guys at Infinix sought to serve with the Joypad 8s. And they got it right. Really right.


  1. mundane… ordinary. .. except d intended advert is d prob n doesn’t hype d hypes of d tab well (/enough)

  2. Huhhhh??? Were u paid by infinix to review this tab? 1GB ram? 1.2Ghz quad-core? 1024 x 768 res? What era are you from? The transistor age of world war 2? ????????????????????

  3. Oh, just saw the sponsored tag in the title. Please deceive a little more subtly.

  4. Yes it’s a sponsored AD. I did have a ‘w*f’ moment though. The post said a lot of things about the tab and at the same time nothing. specs are just bleh and definitely does not deserve this level of romanticizing. tedious shii!

  5. I can’t see anything here that’s worth all the hype. Very ordinary specs. Obsolete operating system.

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