The Lenovo IdeaPhone? No idea!

Posted by Mister Mobility

Lenovo is not a household name in these parts. By the gods of mobile, I think that I only hear the name during CES or MWC. Or during smartphone marketshare announcements or something like that. That is not a problem. I have never seen or held a Lenovo phone before. But how is that a problem to me or to anyone else? Search me. Still, they make mobiles, and that is usually all that I care about, you know.

Lenovo is present at the ongoing CES in the US and announcing some great mobiles though. At least the specifications are impressive. They have a phablet that’s getting good attention, and then they have their IdeaPhone range. You know, like Samsung has Galaxy and LG has Optimus and Nokia has Lumia. You read that right: IdeaPhone.

Sometimes you just wonder who is behind these branding/naming schemes. IdeaPhone? No idea! Or it might just be me.

In the meantime, I love the blue variant of the Lenovo IdeaPhone S890 (pictured above). It runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and has a 5″ qHD (540 x 960 pixel) display and there’s an 8MP camera with flash in the kitty too.


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  1. Sometimes you just wonder who is behind these branding/naming schemes. IdeaPhone? No idea! Or it might just be me.

    i_Phone. >>>> ..i_dea_Phone

    that should be the idea!

  2. These Asian guys, most times, if they are not taking leverage from someone, it is always difficult for them, even in naming. But this thing shouldn’t be so difficult, after all Optimus isn’t English. And there are more exotic names out there to choose from. Even our local Pliris sounds a whole lot better and ovim too.

    And if they are so much at a loss as to exotic and better sounding names to give to their products, we have numerous of them to choose from.

  3. Seems pretty impressive. Looks very Lumia-ey. So long as the word “IdeaPhone” isn’t physically written on the device then I can let it go.

    BTW Lenovo designs some neat Laptops

  4. Lenovo is now the world’s biggest PC maker having taken over from HP in 2012 with a highly successful Ideapad series and they are trying to replicate that success with smartphones? By the way have you seen Huawei’s WP8 phone?

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