In the first part of my review of the LG KS360, I examined the form factor and multimedia. In this second part, I am examining

The LG KS360 Review – Part 2

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In the first part of my review of the LG KS360, I examined the form factor and multimedia. In this second part, I am examining the internet capabilities, email, and other features.


13042009312The KS360’s built-in browser is by a company named – guess – Teleca. Ever heard of them? Didn’t think so. But they’ve been at the mobile browser thing since 1999, with the world’s first WAP 1.1 browser, though its development process started in 1997. Surprised? There’s more.

Teleca’s global market share was 14% as of 2007, and held 3rd place in mobile browser field. More than 600 million of mobile phones are equipped with Teleca products, and many of the excellent browsers built-into Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson phones are the handwork of Teleca.

Teleca has also produced a browser that’s a worthy competitor to all of Opera Mini and Mobile, Nokia Webkit and the iPhone’s Safari. Don’t take my word for it; see Dennis Bournique’s review of Teleca’s New Browser – Wow!

I know what you are thinking. No; I have not been paid to market Teleca. Or LG 😀

Anyway, Teleca recently rebranded to Obigo.

Okay, I’m done with history class. Does the the Teleca/Obigo browser on the KS360 pass the test? It does a good job but it is just not the most capable of browsers.

web-landscapeBrowsing dedicated mobile sites on the KS360 poses no problem, and browsing not-so-heavy HTML pages is not either. However, the browser runs into a wall when you attempt to load a very large page and displays an “out of memory” error.

I mean, this means I cannot do any serious work on that browser. I cannot log into Alireta‘s web-based client admin area. I cannot do any cpanel operations, et al. Add this to the fact that the browser is also a wee bit slow in loading pages.

The KS360 impresses me in many areas, but this limitations of the browser is a deal-breaker for me. It would serve a casual user of the mobile web quite aptly though, so its up to you to decide whether it will do.

However, if a website has been deliberately designed to be mobile-friendly, the Teleca/Obigo browser in the KS360 handles it beautifully well.

Email client

POP3 and IMAP4 email clients are supported. Attachments to email can be fully downloaded. The KS360 also has an auto message retriever that searches for new mails at set intervals and announces new mails with a tone/note.

There is an issue I have with the mail client. For some reason I am still not able to deduce, the mail client does not show me an up-to-date list of the most recent mails on my server. The list it presents always has the most recent week’s mails missing.

This is a deal-breaker for me. My most recent mails are important to me. Whether this is a server issue or a device isssue is not clear, though I doubt the former. All other email clients I have used work flawlessly on this score.

Photo Gallery

picgalleryLG has provided a very sleek image gallery. The user can choose between 4 viewing styles, including thumbnail view, two 3D view options, and a list view. The 3D view options are stunning, though things can get sluggish a bit when viewing images stored on a a heavilly loaded microSD card. I had a 2G card in the phone.

There’s also a slideshow view option.

Organizer and Office features

Surprise; surprise! The KS360 comes with office document viewer, giving the user the ability to view MS Office documents. For a phone in this price range, that’s a deal.

Battery Life

The battery just lasts and lasts. Quite impressive.


Other features:

– Voice Recorder
– FM radio
– Calendar
– memo
– Games
– Calculator


The KS360 is a noble effort from LG. The feature set is extensive, and the user interface nice and simple. But if you make extensive use of the internet and email, this may not be what the doctor ordered.

But its specifications, general performance and price makes this phone a recommended one for anyone on a budget and looking for an all-round device.


  1. Ur article was nice. I got the lg ks360 recently nd i rily lyk it, its just dat av been avin problems wit d memory card i inserted. I was using the 1gb microsd with my former fone(nokia 5200) nd i did nt av any problems until i transferred into the lg.

    I formatted d memory card b4 transferring stuffs into it but i am stil avin problems. Whenever i switch d fone on its either my files cant be found or i will get a msg sayin bad format error. Pls wats d problem nd wot do i do. Thanks.

  2. Victoria,

    Did you format the card on the LG or on the Nokia? Try formatting it on the LG or using a card reader on PC.

  3. That was wot i did, i formatted using a card reader on my pc the first time, then formatted it using the lg but none worked. I think i would get a new memory card and see what happens or what do you think

  4. Victoria,

    Good idea. I have used different cards with my KS360 and had no problems with any of them.

  5. the phone costs from 60 pounds to 120 pounds and opera mini can run on it but the newest version of the opera browser 5 cant run on it but if u do get the phone i would suggest getting opera mini cos the browser wid it is realllllllllllllllllly slow it takes about 1 hour to load a page then u get an error message

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