The once weird Google Photos hits 100 million users

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Few months ago, May to be precise, Google launched a new gallery app called Photos. Everyone complained it’s weird. Who wouldn’t resist change? Infinix Hot 2 users can relate with this ; many of them complained the phone doesn’t have a gallery.


In a post published yesterday, Google announced the gallery app now has 100 million users. They also dropped some facts about the app. For instance, asides people, food was the most photographed item.


About 3720 TB of data was freed up from peoples devices. This means that Google has 3270 TB of people’s pictures backed up in their servers.


Other interesting facts:

  • People take more photos of dogs than any other animal.
  • Paris was the most photographed place, followed by New York and Barcelona.



  1. That’s impressive. I hope they have enough layer of security. 3270TB is too much to lose.

  2. when you get hacked you rarely lose the files on your servers, hackers rarely delete files. also they’ll have multiple redundant backup systems

  3. Lol, Google and friends are actually the last people you want to be talking to about layers of security.

  4. So saving pictures on Google Photos gallery automatically gets it stored in the cloud or is there an option for opting out..

  5. It’s a gallery App first and foremost,it doesn’t necessarily have to have mandatory cloud storage,there are some after all who would rather not have theirs stored in the cloud..

  6. actually they are the people you should be talking to. don’t confuse the security problems Android is having with Google’s web security

  7. I’ve been using Google Photos when it was Picasa or something like that. I like it because once I take photos I don’t need to keep them on my memory card – it’s backed up straight. I’ve been having extra memory card space since then. And also most interesting thing is that, people no longer have the luxury of just viewing my photos anyhow, except I sign in with my account.?

  8. same here, my Picasa history goes back to the pre smartphone era. the problem with Google Photos (or it’s predecessor) started when Google started uploading videos by default, they stopped after a while, but i didn’t use that feature anymore

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