The sin of phone-nication and

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Everyone loves a word of appreciation. So, when one of our long time readers did a series of tweets in praise and appreciation of our work, we couldn’t help but swoon a bit, especially considering that the person in question, Sampson Umoru, is a quiet one, often reading more than commenting. Here are the contents of his tweets put together for your reading pleasure:
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The ‘sin’ of phone-nication is a very controversial topic. While some believe it to be bad, others differ. To me, it is a mixed bag. Though something stands out. We have a very personal relationship with our gadgets, especially phones. Some phones have even replaced friends, parents, siblings, etc. Phones now hide secrets that loved ones can’t be trusted With. But the downside is that these phones will fail you.

To make matters worse, most of us don’t understand these phones. Enter @MobilityArena, where almost all your questions regarding any phone is answered and problems solved. I should know, as I’m one of their ardent followers. I appreciate the great work of @moverick and his team of wonderful gadgets experts such as @elroychibex and the others for their splendid daily efforts to serve us with the best. The sky is not your limit. Please, keep the flag flying, as our appetite is insatiable. You’re our own GSMArena.

Thanks for the kind words, Sampson. We appreciate you and your support for what we do. We promise to keep trying. This is how we roll!

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