These days, everything is dead, thanks to this morbid obsession of the tech industry. There are times that I suspect that the guys who are

The Tech Crowd’s Obsession With Death

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These days, everything is dead, thanks to this morbid obsession of the tech industry. There are times that I suspect that the guys who are really behind the tech industry are death merchants. Or the undead – vampires and stuff.

If not, how do you explain this dead, dead, dead, thing? MySpace is dead. Yahoo is dead. Symbian is dead. The PC is dead. Let’s not forget too how radio was dead donkey years ago. I have also heard that TV is dead. There are guys so enamored with apps that they have expectedly pronounced the web dead too.

The problem is not just that everything is dead. The greater problem is that no-one even knows what it means to be dead. Lose 10% marketshare; you’re dead. You’re disliked by a section of the media; you’re dead. Announce that your platform will no longer ship new phones; you’re dead. Pull your company off the stock market; you’re dead. If someone prefers a different technology; your technology is dead.

Dead. Dead. Dead.

Can we just decide what it means to be dead and then go easy on pronouncing everything dead? But then, perhaps I am the only one just tired of hearing that everything is dead. Not that this article will change anything. I just enjoying writing as much as others love pronouncing things dead. So, who’s next?


  1. In Tech terms,

    To me, Dead is when the gadget or service is no longer available and cant be found any where else.

    A good example is Symbian, though it has been dropped by Nokia but it is certainly not Dead.

    On the contrary, SMS is Dead.

  2. everyone loves Bad news that’s the sad truth. people want to hear about other people’s downfall more than they do about their sucess and this is evident in the sales of gossip magazines and the same thing is applicable to the tech industry.

    Death isn’t all that bad, for the man live is like that of the Phoenix which always rises from it’s ashes.

    Symbian is dead or its last lap (if you want to insist cos you still have one it isn’t try and remember what a museum is), SMS is dead? well tell that to my telecoms providers that keep spamming with them, my bank or friends and family that send them out during festivities or me that just sent a couple to a contact this morning.

  3. The use of the term dead could mean a different thing to the tech bloggers that use it. It could be their way of evoking death to the firm or service the term is used on. The pronouncement by Nokia CEO of the burning platform effectively killed Symbian when the tech bloggers helped to amplify and spread the news and more often than not, a general bad review of a product or service by the blogger community most often than not spells doom for the product or service.

  4. Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.

    well, I don’t see much of a big deal in anything / anyone being (pronounced) DEAD!

    So what?

    Cowards die many times before their deaths. The brave experience death only once. Of all the strange things I’ve ever heard, it seems most strange to me that men fear death, given tha death, which can’t be avoided, will come whenever it wants.

  5. @Bosun99uk

    On the contrary, SMS is Dead.

    SMS is far from dead, here in Malaysia i got like 500 free SMS which i use to commuincate. Almost everyone uses SMS, even lecturers and people of authority. It may not be that prevalent in Nigeria but it is far from dead sir. I never appreciated it until now

  6. Just joking

    SMS is certainly not Dead yet

    Usage has just reduced compared to the days when we only used MSN and yahoo messenger to chat.

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