There is no way this video was shot on a mobile phone

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The video you are about to watch will blow your mind. It will blow your mind because there is no way in heaven or hell that such quality should be able to be produced by a mobile phone. However, the Nokia 808 PureView has stunned even me.

Please enjoy:

Euphoria from Samuel Rinnetmäki on Vimeo.

You know how I am a sucker for top cameras on mobile. I rocked the Nokia N8 while it reigned as king, and I had great expectations of the 808 PureView, but this video is simply awesome.

Every review and comparison test of the Nokia 808 PureView against any other smartphone has resulted in this baby blowing them all out of the water. And in every case in which it has been pitted against certain digital cameras, it has held its ground well even against those.

Oh, yes; I want PureView!

  1. Truly Oga Mo somewhere im my mind I am tempted to shout video doctoring.well its HD,its possible! its the PureView!

  2. Jujukemist,

    I feel you. I am still watching the video again and again. It is incredible. Stunning details and reproduction.


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