Here are some of the things that cause steering wheel vibration

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Sometimes when you drive, you might experience vibrations in your steering wheel. This could be really frustrating. It’s also quite tiresome to hold on to a steering wheel that won’t stay put. There are several reasons for steering wheel vibration, which include the following:


This is one of the most common causes of steering wheel vibration. When tires hit potholes, parts like wheel weights and rims could be affected. These would push the tire off-balance.


Here’s another common cause of steering wheel vibration. If a foreign object gets stuck in tire, it will cause the steering wheel to shake. If you drive through places with a lot of stones, twigs, snow and so on, these things could get trapped in the rim or wheel. To fix this, you just need to push out the foreign objects.steering wheel vibration


Low tire pressure can cause more problems than just steering wheel vibration. it could affect the fuel mileage, cause blowouts, wear the edge of the tires, wear out the tires abnormally, and so on. To avoid this, before setting out on a drive, check your tire pressure, and make sure it is adequate.


If your tires are so worn out that the ridges on the tread are smoothed out, then you need to change them immediately. Bald tires are a significant cause of steering wheel vibration, and furthermore if you do not replace them quickly they might blow out. You might want to check your tires frequently for signs of wear and tear.

Note that a lot of people think they need to do an alignment on their tires when they notice steering wheel vibration. Alignment has nothing to do with it. the main thing to be worried about, however, is balancing. When the tires are out of balance for any reason, the steering wheel will vibrate.


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  1. I think the main culprit has to be the tyres being out of balance. If I cruise at say 80km/h and I feel the steering vibration, I never waste time before visiting a car shop to rectify the problem.

    For wheel alignment issues as rightly pointed out, this will usually result in the car veering off either to the right or left if you let go of the steering wheel.

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