One of the most important parts of your car is the battery. The efficiency of your car battery goes a long way in affecting the

Tips on what to look for in a good car battery

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One of the most important parts of your car is the battery. The efficiency of your car battery goes a long way in affecting the overall efficiency of your car therefore you should make sure that your battery is a good one. Here are some tips for identifying a good car battery:


In this context, size refers to width, length and height of the battery. The right size will fit perfectly in your car’s battery tray, which would prevent damage by keeping the vibrations to a minimum. A car battery that does not fit can rattle around and suffer a short life.


It is not advisable to buy car batteries which have been on the shelf for more than six months. Batteries tend to lose strength over time, even when they have not been used. Check the date stamp code for information about the battery shelf life.Car battery


There are two types of batteries when it comes to maintenance requirements; low maintenance and maintenance-free batteries. Low maintenance batteries would require a regular top-up of distilled water. These are good for hot areas. Maintenance-free batteries do not require a top-up. However, they are more expensive.


This enables you to determine the ability of the battery to start your car even during extremely cold conditions. The CCA also indicates the amount of current a car battery can sustain for 30 seconds at zero-degree temperature. Higher CCA is required, especially for cars in cold climates. Check our battery top or owner’s manual for the CCA rating of your car battery. Also, do not choose batteries with a higher or lower rating than that specified by your car’s manufacturer.


Before you buy a car battery, you should know how long the battery can run on its own power. The rating indicates the number of minutes a fully charged battery at 80 degrees Fahrenheit will discharge 25 amps until the battery drops below 10.5 volts. Should your alternator fail, a battery with a good reserve capacity will be rally useful.


Make sure you can get at least a 3-year warranty. Some brands offer longer warranties, or a prorated refund if your battery dies within a certain time after the replacement warranty expires.

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