We all love mobile apps. Regardless of how big or small your smartphone or tablet is, apps make our mobile worlds go round. In fact,

The Top Free Apps of 2017 that Shouldn’t be Free

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We all love mobile apps. Regardless of how big or small your smartphone or tablet is, apps make our mobile worlds go round. In fact, at the last count, the Apple Store and Google Play have around 4.4 million apps on offer. Naturally, some aren’t worth taking off the virtual shelf, but there are others that really can add some value to your life. What’s more, some of the best mobile apps of 2017 are free.

Thanks to innovations, ideas and an ideological shift in what we think “free” apps should look like, there’s now some extremely high quality products on the market that don’t cost a penny. Although some will maintain that paid for is always better, we’ve picked out three free apps that beg to differ. In fact, not only will it surprise you that these apps are gratis, we’re willing to bet you’d happily open your wallets or purses to pay for them.

So, without further ado, here are our top free apps that shouldn’t be free. We have three of them on our list.

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(‘Waze at W10 Event‘ by René C. Nielsen (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

Waze GPS

Forget paying over the odds for a Sat Nav because it probably doesn’t track your movements as well as your mobile does. Although in-phone GPS is nothing new, the capabilities of apps that plug into this technology are getting more impressive by the year. One of the best releases for Android and iOS users is Waze GPS.

Costing the princely sum of “nothing”, this app is your ticket to more efficient journeys and less stress behind the wheel. As well as giving your directions, Waze is capable of pulling road traffic alerts from the web and feeding them to your device and will even help you find the cheapest gas prices on your route.

However, we think the most impressive feature of this app is the ETA messages. Once you’re on route, the app can automatically message your friends and tell them when you’re likely to arrive. For this feature alone (mainly because it can save a lot of arguments) we think this app is certainly worth exchanging some cash for.

mFortune Bingo

If we were to tell you that you can now play bingo for real money via your mobile phone, you might not believe us. For many, the first images you conjure up in your mind when someone says that word “bingo” is a dingy hall filled with old people and marker pens. In some respects, those images still exist. However, bingo is now part of an online gaming industry that’s worth upwards of $50 billion each year according to Statista, and that means you can also play on your mobile.

What’s even more impressive about this is that you can actually play for free, but still win some real money. mFortune is a developer and operator that specialises in mobile games. Sent direct to your device, these games allow you to experience all the fun of bingo, blackjack and more on the go. As part of its package, mFortune also offers free bingo games. Just for downloading the app and creating an account, you’ll get a “welcome bonus” which is basically free credits to play bingo with.

There is also a selection of daily games that loyal customers can enter without paying a penny. To top it all off, any money you win is yours to keep. So, even though it’s free, you can still earn some cash!

Notes on Blindness VR

We choose this app not because it’s on point with the VR trend or offers a break from the norm, but because we think certain apps should allow you to see the world through another person’s eyes. Too often we see technology as something that can benefit our own life. However, as Notes on Blindness VR has shown, it can also help change our perspective on things for the better.

Based on the writing of John Hull who went blind at the age of 36, this ARTE Experience app takes you on a journey into a world of fading light. For the full experience, iPhone users can plug their device into a VR headset such as the FreeFly VR and you’ll get to experience Hull’s descent into darkness.

Complete with audio notes and specially designed visuals, this app will make you see what it feels to be blind. From that, the developers believe people will change their opinions on blindness and, hopefully, be more respectful after using it which is why we think this free app is worth paying for.

As you can see, free doesn’t mean low quality in the app world anymore. Our three picks could easily cost a few dollars and they’d still be worth investing in. So, the next time you’re looking for a new app, don’t automatically assume you have to pay if you want the best.

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