Totally replace selfie sticks with Snapi for Android

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Snapi Android

Do you love taking selfies? Are you bored with carrying around selfie sticks? Worry no more. You know this saying that there’s an app for everything. The Android platform got you covered in almost every department. Snapi totally replaces the need for selfie sticks.

All you need to do is open the app, raise your open palm in front of camera, close it into a fist, open again and it snaps. This app allows you take selfies stress free without having to touch your phone. Good enough, it can work from up to 4 meters away (13 feet).

Pictures are stored in the native photo gallery and there’s sound feedback for focus, countdown and photo capture. You can also configure how many seconds for countdown before photo capture.

PS: Some features are hardware dependent and the app may not work on all Android devices.

Download it HERE and tell us what you think.

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