Trade In Your BlackBerry For A Samsung Smartphone

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Yesterday, the SamsungAfrica Twitter handle announced that owners of BlackBerry smartphones can trade-in their device for a Samsung Android smartphone and have BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) installed on their new device immediately. Here is the tweet:

The deal is that the trade-in gives you a discount when purchasing a new Galaxy device, so cash is involved. Dayo, Omonzua and myself thought to see things for ourselves today and went over to the Samsung Store at Ikeja City Mall where we asked a female attendant about the BlackBerry trade-in. She had no idea what we were talking about though we carefully explained the scheme to her. Oh well.

Have you tried to trade-in your BlackBerry at a Samsung store? How did it go? Tell us!


  1. Most of the time, these companies launch. Schemes n creatives before informing their frontline staff. I would try again in a week or two if they still keep advertising it.

  2. @Noni.
    You must be kidding, whoever does that?
    I will go to Bode Thomas later today and see if I can dump this Bold for a good old S3.
    With BBM on android, I don’t need BB for anything again.

  3. I don’t think this “trade in BlackBerry for samsung” is valid in nigeria yet though. I was at samsung Allen and samsung Ikeja city mall earlier today and attendants at both stores told me they aren’t in the swapping business. So who’s lying, samsung nigeria or samsung africa?

  4. @OlamideMb Samsung Africa may be as truthful as hell considering it a plus.
    Samsung Nigeria on the other hand may be waiting for their respective courier service to get the information across to them from wherever it’s being shipped from.

  5. well, eYinka, i think Samsung Umbrella should have their orders directly from Samsung Africa since it is their umbrella oganization and the way i see it, Samsung is One. so all this Africa is doing Promo and Nigeria isnt is just a deceitful thing to me.well, i guess my q1o still stays with me. hehe. i would have swapped for a note3 today tho.

  6. I was in Capetown SA in August with wifey & my Samsung Galaxy duos developed a serious fault, I went to the Samsung regional office to get it fixed & d lady there stared at my phone in bewilderment & told me she had never seen anything like it before. AFRICA AINT NIGERIA!!! We are in a class all our own. PERIOD!!

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