Traffic Matters: More People in Lagos should work from home

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I have never been employed. Minus my one-year national service, I have always worked for myself. In all that time, I have worked from home for the most part. During the periods that I maintained an office, the facilities were always within 15 minutes leisurely drive from home, or a leisurely 30-45 minutes walk.

You see, I hate road traffic. I avoid it as much as possible. Road traffic is one of the reasons that I detest living in Lagos. As a matter of fact, the only day of the week that I enjoy driving in Lagos is Sunday, when the roads are usually free. If I wasn’t married, I would have moved out of Lagos a long, long time ago. But as it is, I’ve got a wife and two children to consider.

Yesterday reminded me of one of the reasons why I hate this city. I spent 4 hours from home to Ikoyi, and then another 3 hours getting back home. How does an able-bodied, able-minded young man like myself spend 7 hours out of a working day on the road? What sort of productivity is that? I call it absolute madness.

I am glad that yesterday was not my average day. I cannot imagine doing that on a regular basis. On my average day, I get out of bed and I am at work already. More people who live in Lagos need to try that some more. Entrepreneurs and business managers need to explore this concept of remote working some more. Greater productivity isn’t necessarily tied to a brick-and-mortar office.

Productivity aside, there is the impact on the environment, our health and our pockets. This madness on Lagos roads does more damage than we probably can quantify.

I know that for some people, there is some status thing about having an office to report to everyday, but I would argue that it’s people who are narrow-minded who still hold to that. The world is a different place. Many tasks can be done remotely. Fortunately, mobile technology makes a lot of that possible.

Do consider it. If you have the opportunity to work from home, save yourself some serious stress and take it. Should you not have that opportunity, you might want to consider creating it. One thing is for sure: more people living in Lagos need to get off the roads.


  1. I think there are a couple of Lagos traffic apps, I think you should review a couple of them. A good example is Tsaboin. I live in Abuja so I cant say one way or the other.

  2. A very good proposition here. But first, we need to identify the jobs that can be done remotely.
    Then, the issue of networking, will it be wired or wireless, whatever option is choosen, will it be dependable?

  3. I spent 4 hours from home to Ikoyi, and then another 3 hours getting back home.

    that seems to be some improvement. When I was working on the Island, years back, you leave the Office at 5pm and get home 10.30pm. And you leave hone 5.30am to get to the Office for 8am.

    I have a friend that lives in his own house in Ogba. and has his office in Eleganza Building on Lagos Island. His job requires that he be in the office everyday. He is sick of the daily traffic brouhaha!

    I advised that he sell his house on the Mainland, and relocate to the Island as a tenant. Only an Eye.bee.Kay could suggest such an abominable thing! That advice was of course waved away without a second thought.

    I agree totally with Mr Mo here. Stress_related diseases are becoming rampant these days. I suspect one of the major stressor factors is insane traffic some people pass through daily. if your work cannot be done from home, emulate Mr. Mo. Move your home close to work, or vice versa.

    Or, get out of this Mad City. And live longer!

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