Travelling to Ghana? Here are the GSM Mobile Networks there

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There are five (5) GSM-based mobile networks, offering HSDPA and HSPA+ services. If you are travelling to Ghana for business or pleasure and need to have an overview, here are the GSM-based networks active in this West African country:

  1. Airtel Ghana: HSPA+
  2. Glo Ghana: HSPA+
  3. MTN Ghana: HSDPA
  4. Tigo Ghana: HSDPA
  5. Vodafone Ghana: HSDPA

Flag of Ghana

Each of them have different data and voice plans that a traveller can subscribe to. There are shops at Kotoka International Airport where arriving travellers can quickly purchase a SIM, load airtime and activate a data plan within minutes. The airport also has MasterCard-enabled ATM kiosks for easy cash withdrawal.

If your local network has a roaming agreement, you can also roam both voice and data on arrival without the need to buy a Ghana SIM card. Do be aware that roaming charges are usually significantly higher than normal tariffs.

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