Twinpine Mobile Advertising Serves 254 Million Impressions In Nigeria

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Twinpine Network, a wholly owned Nigerian mobile advertising network is currently witnessing explosive growth as more brands and businesses derive immense value from reaching their audience using the cost effective, targeted and measurable edge it provides.

Twinpine has reported 254 million impressions served on its platform in Nigeria alone in its first 3 months of operations. Since it launched commercially in Nigeria in August, 2011 it has witnessed over 40% monthly growth on the number of ad impressions served on its network of publisher sites. Twinpine currently serves advertising on the top Nigerian mobile publishers in the categories of news, sports, business, entertainment, sport and social networking.

Since it commenced operations it has run campaigns in other leading mobile advertising markets in Africa including Kenya and South Africa where the popularity and acceptance of mobile advertising is higher.

Locally, Twinpine has delivered value to brands such as MTN, Pepsi, Autodesk, Jobberman and leading advertising agencies helping them achieve their marketing goals with impressive results to show for it.

In a demonstration of its commitment to developing the local mobile ecosystem and driving innovation and entrepreneurship among students, developers and technology enthusiasts, Twinpine sponsored a 3-day Student Professional Awareness Conference organized by the Student Branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife tagged Mobiles, Internet and Business in October, 2011.

Twinpine is committed to helping brands and businesses reach their target audience more effectively on the mobile web as well as on applications. The mobile advertising network also helps publishers earn more revenues from their mobile properties by growing their inventory and also serving relevant and targeted adverts on the network.

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  1. Yeah i have wondered why mobile advertising penetration is low on the west coast,as compared to the east coast.
    yomi, any insight?

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