Twitter app for BlackBerry (v3.1.0.20) rocks

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The official Twitter app for BlackBerry was recently updated to version There have been lots of updates to the Twitter app for Blackberry in the past, but this one is significant enough to do a review.

If you want a one line summary, here: The new Twitter app for Blackberry brings significant user interface (UI) improvements to the table. Everything looks and feels more fluid.

Now, you can run along, if you’re okay with that. But if you need a little bit more info, do read on.

Selected tweet

Launching the app and looking at the HomeScreen, there isn’t any hint to the changes. But go a step further to click on a link, and the new changes begin to smile at you. Highlights and gradients are used in a pleasant way to enhance the presentation of information.

Tweet Info

On a line below the selected tweet are options to Reply, Reply All, Favourite, and Retweet. Below that line is displayed the number of retweets, as well as icons of users who retweeted the particular tweet. You can select and click on any of them to check out their profiles and more.

Tweet conversation

If the tweet that you opened is a part of a conversation, scrolling up reveals the chain of the discussion leading to that tweet, and scrolling down reveals the chain of replies to that tweet. Again, the nice new design makes it easier and more fun to follow conversations.

There’s a follow button nicely positioned beside the handle from which the selected tweet originated.

There are no changes to the other menus/areas of the app, but these changes do make for a sweeter experience with the Twitter app for BlackBerry. The new visual appeal alone makes it a more enjoyable app.

  1. have used the New Twitter for blackberry. Its awesome. The conversation feature has been on gravity on symbian for long though. But the profiles of peeps that retweetd a tweet is a nice feature. Cool!

  2. @keweno, there plenty other third party apps that offer you a lot more on android. No reason to feel let down by the official app.

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