Two gentlemen get a taste of the BlackBerry PlayBook

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BlackBerry PlayBook

I had some guests yesterday. They were both upwardly mobile young people who are familiar with the world of technology, especially computers and mobile.

One of them owns an iPad 2. We shall call him Mr. Ipad. The other does not own a tablet yet but is looking at getting one. We shall call him No-tablet. Both of them own and use a BlackBerry device. While with me, they noticed the BlackBerry PlayBook lying about. No-tablet immediately picked up the PlayBook and asked about it.

I told him how the PlayBook handles web browsing like a champ. I told him about the superb audio and video playback quality. I played Omo Akin’s musical video, Ta Lo So Be, so they could have a firsthand feel.

Mr. IPad then asked if videos needed to be converted before playback. I told him that conversion wasn’t needed. All he had to do was plug the PlayBook to a PC via USB and copy all his files – video or any other for that matter. His response to this was, “Oh! The iPad is rubbish!”

I smiled and then told him the PlayBook had a few more tricks up its sleeves. By this time, he was all ears!

Before I proceeded, I mentioned that the PlayBook had one limitation in comparison to the iPad and the Android competition – a limited range of apps. Mr. Ipad promptly asked, “What apps? Can it browse, handle my email, and play music and video?”

I nodded. His reply, “Good.”

So, I proceeded to tell the gentlemen how the PlayBook uses my BlackBerry’s BIS connection for internet access over Bluetooth. Both their eyes went wide. Mr. IPad picked it up, asking, “You mean that I can browse on this thing now with your BlackBerry connection?”

I nodded and he proceeded. The experience was so sweet that he told his friend, “You need to see how sweet this thing is.”

Then, while Mr. Ipad was still doing stuff on the device, I launched Remote Connection via BlackBerry Bridge on the Curve 9320 with me and promptly began to navigate, type web addresses, visit web pages, and launch apps on the PlayBook remotely from the Curve in my hand – while the tablet was in his hands!

He was stunned, to say the least. His words, “The things you have showed me this morning are the stuff of science fiction.” I agreed.

Then he asked, “If the PlayBook is this good, why is RIM not making noise about it and hyping it?”

The ten million dollar question. I told him that one of RIM’s weaknesses has been media and publicity. Damn conservative Canadians!

By the time my guests were leaving, both of them had decided that they were getting a BlackBerry PlayBook. Yes; even Mr. Ipad. Actually, Mr. Ipad asked if I would sell mine. Hell, no!