Types of airbags and how they protect you

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There are several types of airbags, which protect the human body in a car accident. Some of them even protect pedestrians on the street. Here are some of them:


These are mounted on the steering wheel to offer protection to the driver, and on the dash to protect the passenger. The 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo was the first car to come equipped with dual airbags, to protect both the driver and the passenger, as a standard fitment.Airbags


Side airbags offer protection to the occupants of a car in the event of an impact from one side. There are two types of side airbags. One is the side torso airbag, which is located in the seat. It inflates between the driver and the door, to protect the torso. The second type is the curtain airbag, which is mounted on the roof and deploys like a curtain to offer protection to the side.


This is designed to protect the legs of the occupant. It is usually mounted under the steering wheel. Since knee airbags have proved to be very efficient, they have become increasingly common since 2000.


This is designed to offer protection to the head for the occupants of a car iin case of an impact from behind. This was featured in the Toyota IQ in 2008.


This protects the unprepared pedestrian in the event of a crash. It was first introduced by Volvo in the V40.


Even motorcycles come equipped with airbags to protect riders in a crash. Over the years, there have been many prototypes, and in 2006 Honda introduced it in its production motorcycle, the Goldwing. Sensors in the fork detect impacts and inflate the airbag in the event of a crash.


There are motorcycle safety gear manufacturers who have been offering airbags in riding suits for MotoGP riders. These kinds of suits are now being available to everybody. These suits have a small sensor, which detects impacts and inflates inside the suit, thus offering additional protection to the rider.

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