Uber reportedly makes bid for Nokia HERE Maps

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

Some weeks ago, we reported that Nokia is planning on selling off their HERE Maps division. Later we heard that a group of companies are in line to purchase the maps which included: Apple, Alibaba, Amazon.com,and a group of German car makers.

It appears Uber has joined the list of potential suitors and very is ready to pay a wholesome bride price. A report from The New York Times states that the company had bidden to the tune of $3 billion. The Nokia HERE maps already covers more than 80 percent market share worldwide for built-in car navigation systems, and it covers many major cities and areas worldwide, with Google Maps being the only major competition.


  1. AND…you can actually download whole country maps to use offline, so unlike Google, you don’t have to download even a portion but the entire country – or even continent if you’re so inclined – to use offline.

    I hope the buyer retains this feature. HERE maps can improve in the right hands.Personally, none of the companies mentioned fill me with confidence.

  2. Hmmm…this seems like one Nokia product that still has a future…didn’t know they were so good at mapping!

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