You asked for it again and again, till we were almost choking here at MOBILITY. Well, the mobile gods must have been pleased at you,

Unboxing and Setting Up the Tecno Phantom A

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Phantom A Super pack1

You asked for it again and again, till we were almost choking here at MOBILITY. Well, the mobile gods must have been pleased at you, for a review unit of the TECNO Phantom A arrived here at MOBILITY yesterday afternoon. It is white, big, strong and looks ready to take on the competition. But before we got to see the device itself, the packaging had wowed us to no end. TECNO were not into a half-baked project here. They wanted to get everyone’s attention, and they did. Well, at least, they got ours, and we have seen quite a few phones here.

Phantom A super pack

In the pack was a 2200mAh power bank, a white flip case, the phone (with an 8GB microSD card in it), USB cable, charger adapter, audio headset, and battery. That package is quite a loaded one.

Phantom A inner pack

After plugging it in to charge for a few hours, I got to setting it up – internet connections, email, Twitter, Facebook, Google services, WordPress, wallpaper and all. Setting it up as my mobile computing device was easy pie, and shortly, I was getting my work done nicely on it. Once connected, I found that I had several app updates waiting in Play Store. All of them got updated without a hitch. Performance wise, the Phantom has acted true to its name. Everything works fine and smoothly on the 5 inch display of goodness.

Here it is all setup and working, with its nice flip case and the bundled power bank.

Tecno Phantom A with accessssories

It is too early to speak conclusively of battery life, as it it only arrived yesterday and I have charged it only once. Still, the initial battery drain seems good – nothing horrible happening.

While I have had the Phantom A for only about a day, I can say clearly is that it is a steal at the price that it goes for.


  1. Please Mr Mo I think I like the phone, but I’m concerned if it will have a software (os) update, since android is already on 4.2.2 and d phantom A is on 4.1, please help us with the info. The phantom a is the rave of the moment.

  2. I’ve been using tecno phantom A for over two weeks now,I’ve had a lot of admirers, and have even won some antagonists into the new wonders of tecno,I’ve used t8,t9,t1 d3,d5,n3 and n7 before buying phantom A,its a wonder phone I call it,a phone for an average Nigerian, no battery issues as speculated. Everything is as was said. thanks to tecno.

  3. Mr MO, Don’t you think its time you start giving us video unboxing and review,..
    Let mobility get a youtube channel,..
    I just suggesting.. lets advance,.

  4. Michael99uk,

    The only way to find out is to scratch the display with a key or something else – and I am not going to risk damaging the phone in doing that.


  5. Kindly tell us the sound quality from the music player sir! Fair, good or bad?

  6. About sound quality, no any smartphone beats this guy, PHANTOM A the headphones have wonderful sound of surround with built in equalisers not like any other.

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