Update to Gmail comes with unified Inbox

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Gmail for Android has been updated to handle, not only Gmail accounts, but Yahoo, Outlook and other emails. This is a good thing, carefully divided into sections for accessing emails from multiple accounts, while also maintaining the material design.

Stock email apps on almost all platforms have the ability of adding different email accounts, but the uniqueness of this app is that it brings the elements of Gmail interface into these external accounts. You have a unified Inbox for all your email accounts, and added ability to ‘Star’ emails on all the accounts.

See screen shots:

Gmail Inbox

With this move from Google, I wonder what becomes of the many 3rd Party email clients in Google Play Store, say for instance, I uninstalled Cloud Magic after installing this new Gmail. Secondly, I think it’s high time the app name is changed to something else or what do you think?


  1. At last. Never been a fan of the Gmail app, but this has been a long time coming.

    Some people may prefer to use the third party apps. I for one will keep mine in use as I’ve never really liked the Gmail app nor interface.

  2. GMail has been able to handle non GMail iMAP & POP email accounts for a while. the only new thing is that Inbox functionality is now added

  3. This is old news. I’ve been using Gmail for all my accounts (including Yahoo) since, I think, December.

  4. good move but will stick with my 3rd party k9 mail app. shouldn’t change the name, removes the uniqueness

  5. Aqua mail. The best. Ever. Hands down.
    Stopped using the Gmail app eons ago. No regrets.

  6. Yes. Used it. Simple. Efficient to get into.
    Doesn’t always update mails though & has issues sending atimes.

    Recommended for casual email users with loads of patience.

  7. Beg pardon, Sir Elroy, but he’s right. The Material Design (along with the multiple accounts support) update has been around for a long time, since November, I think. What’s new here is the unified inbox.

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