I have been waiting for the v113.010.1508 software update for my Nokia 808 PureView for over a month now. Every other day, I hook up

Updates! Updates!! Where Are My Updates?

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I have been waiting for the v113.010.1508 software update for my Nokia 808 PureView for over a month now. Every other day, I hook up the dude to my PC and run the update check. Your device has the latest firmware. Or something like that. Lie! It doesn’t.

Now the Windows 7.8 update has been rolling out for a few days already and every day, when I hookup the Lumia 610 to check, I get pretty much the same message.

I remember waiting for months for an update for the HTC One X too. Hellish wait. Probably the fastest updates I ever got were those for the BlackBerry PlayBook. 24 hours maximum, and I had my fix.

Why do I have to be such a geeky person? This obsession with updates cannot be a good thing. After all, it isn’t like the phone will be able to time travel or do something really amazing like that after the updates. I need a life outside of mobiles. Some therapy too, maybe. In all probability, many of you reading this need one too.


  1. You’re not alone in the whole obsession with updates thing. I’m always a lot more anxious about them when I feel they could fix a flaw I’ve been trying to live with for months

  2. I used a gingerbread device once and never once checked for an update….then I got the nexus at 4.1 the following day I got an update to 4.1.1 and the next 4.1.2. A couple of days later an update to 4.2 was available but this time I did a web search, it turns out that the December was missing from people’s update (I would have you know I don’t care much for such things), my gripe with it was the reported random reboots, lower battery performance and increased charging time, jerky touch display etc. I absolutely freaked and refused to update it. I lived with the incessant prompt to update as the file update had already been downloaded to the device. December, I decided to dip my toes in the river of rooting for the first time. I wanted my nexus to be able to read external hardware; keyboard, mouse, pen drives….anyway, the rooting went awry, wiped my device clean and left me in a comatose state Christmas period. While people were celebrating I was mourning my nexus. I needed wi-fi to get it back up and I couldn’t get access to it; no mi-fi, adhoc was a waste, a bold 2.

    Anyway, to cut this epistle tooka trip to a faraway land to gain wifi access fixed the nexus and closed my eyes and clicked install for 4.2.1. Has some of the cons mentioned (well, only the jerky display actually. Online reviewers can be such babies).

    I believe owning the nexus has spoilt me. Can’t imagine using an octa-core tablet that would have me wait a century to get an update and inject a new lease of life to my gadget. Octa be damned (I’m saying that now like a warrior. Wait till I get an octa-cored tab, I would be screaming update be damned in mariah Carey’s high notes)

    Yo! PlayBook, I see ya.

  3. I’m guilty of this too.. recently a major OEM came up with a strategy to ensure prompt device firmware updates. they intend to achieve this by linking the update to the IMEI which will be released per region.. this could help.

    I got Ice cream Sandwich 4.0.4 on my Note 3 months after its release. SGS 2 is still running official 2.3.5 gingerbread and Jelly Bean 4.1.1 is already billed for release in March. no ICS yet. It can be frustrating indeed

  4. Could this have anything to do with buying a branded phone. I.e AT&T locked phone and unlocking it for use anywhere

  5. @bosun99uk
    yes it does.The policy is a strict one and its expected to take effect from the release of their next flagship device which should start shipping around May 2013

  6. The wait for an updates can sometimes be annoying especially when there is a rumour of improved/better performance and bugs fixes. With my rooted droid, I installed mobile odin pro from playstore of which I throw any leaked firmware of my phone into and flashed right inside the phone without the use of PC. I’ve done that in the last 2 weeks with the Spanish leaked 4.1.2 JB Ofiicial fimware for GS2 and its working great. You can equally root the phone in the process of flashing it as there’s an option for you to tick and get the phone rooted in the process.

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