The Lumia 950 arrived my desk in February 2016. That makes it approximately a year since I have had it. For a background, you can


Using the Lumia 950 one year after

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The Lumia 950 arrived my desk in February 2016. That makes it approximately a year since I have had it. For a background, you can read up the Lumia 950 specifications my first look at the the Lumia 950 and Display Dock, as well as my review.


I have been using this Windows 10 smartphone more often in the last one month. Not that it changes the fact that very few people are using or buying a Windows smartphone these days. As a matter of fact, according to a recent report, Microsoft sold less than 1 million smartphones in the 4th quarter of 2016. This is a huge drop from the 4.5 million smartphones that Microsoft sold in 4th quarter of 2015.

using Lumia 950


using The Lumia 950

It is no longer beset by the extreme overheating issue that I reported, though it warms up significantly during prolonged internet usage or video recording. During a number of video recording sessions, we had to take a break because the phone warns us that it is getting too hot. Which is a crying shame. The Lumia 950 camera is stellar with both photographs and videos. But to have those excellent capabilities limited by heat generation.

Windows 10 Mobile Apps

Besides the camera, is the Lumia 950 still of any use in 2017? Absolutely. The built-in EDGE browser is really good, as are many of the other built-in apps – Calculator, Excel, Films & TV, Groove Music, Maps, Microsoft Edge, OneDrive, Photos, PowerPoint, and others.


The Store can still be very sluggish till date. And while the number of apps there are no match for what obtains in the Android and iOS stores, there are many apps available. The Skype, Twitter and Instagram are superb. WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Messenger, Evernote, Tunein Radio, and Telegram, are all apps that work well. There’s Viber, Truecaller and many others as well.

The GTBank app for Windows Mobile is rather stale now. It works but does not have the latest features that the Android and iOS apps have. Other available banking apps include DiamondMobile, UBA Kenya, Ecobank Kenya, StanbicIBTC, UnionMobile, and FirstMonie, among others. Access Bank’s mobile app has disappeared from the Store, as has WordPress and BBM. Microsoft killed FM Radio last year, so that is gone too.

Xbox is here too, but seeing that I am not a gamer, I have never touched it. There are tons of games in the Store though. I installed Asphalt 8: Airborne out of curiosity weeks ago. I am yet to play it. Blame it on old age.


Continuum still works like a charm. Being able to get to my desk at the office, plug the 950 to the dock and start working on the big screen is just sweet.

I love the Lumia 950. I wish I could use it as my primary smartphone, but that overheating issue with prolonged internet or video recording use is a bummer. I would get frustrated. People who do not subject their smartphones to such extreme usage would have no issues though. As an enthusiast though, I am still get tons of fun using the Lumia 950 when its services are required.

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  2. Windows Phone is the only other phone I enjoyed taking photos with. The only reason I haven’t gotten a 950 to date is that it will just sit in a corner.

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