The Vinpok Bolt cable charges all your devices

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If you make use of several electronic devices, then you must know how annoying it feels to carry around different chargers for each device. There are several ways to make sure all our devices are charged. However, what happens if you leave one charger at home by accident? if you use the Vinpok Bolt USB Type-C magnetic cable, that should not be a problem. This is a magnetic cable designed to be a one-stop shop for charging smart devices like laptops, tablets, and mobile handsets. It does this by boosting available power and connecting easily to the charging port of your device. Furthermore, it makes use of a “snap and charge” design.

Each cable comes with an USB Type-c plug that fits into the charge port of your smartphone or laptop. Then the cable itself connects magnetically to the plug to enable charging. The magnetic grip is designed to keep it in place without the need for plugging it in and out, which causes abrasion over time. The magnetic connection itself is said to make use of gold-plated needles for a durable and efficient charging with neodymium magnets binding the cable to the adapter, for a strong but easy to remove connection. It is entirely reversible, same as with other USB Type-C cables.Vinpok Bolt

The Vinpok Bolt comes in two colors: black and silver. It is compatible with all USB Type-C devices, though in the product listing there was specific mention of new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. It is currently available for $30, but Vinpok has confirmed that the magnetic cable will begin shipping on July 25. Therefore, you can preorder it right now. However, you have to make sure that your device has a USB Type-C port before you buy the cable. Devices like the Microsoft surface cannot use the Vinpok Bolt, for example.



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