Visafone launches new Visa SuperCircle voice tariff

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circleFresh from the stables of Visafone is the Visa SuperCircle package which allows subscribers to make calls at 20k per second to all networks on eight numbers from the very first minute and with no hidden rental charges.

On this package, Visafone customers have the benefits of registering eight friends and family numbers. This list would include five Visafone numbers, one number to another network, and two international numbers from France, China, Canada, USA, India and UK.

This development according to Clifford Onyeike, the Deputy General Manager, Marketing and Strategy, is a demonstration of Visafone’s commitment to providing affordable call rates to all customers.


  1. That’s a very poor one from Visafone. Do these guys think we’re fools. Announcing 20k/s to 8 number from all networks only to turn around and say that 5 of the numbers is to come from their network, effectively 1 local number and 2 foreign ones. It’s just as well to announce they dropping intranetwork call rates to 20k/s.
    There’s absolutely no deal in this announcement. My Visafone line is remaining in hibernation.

  2. No way.

    Glo Infinito all the way.

    Once you use Glo 25k per second to any network you will never want to go back again.

    No need to think of numbers to pick or to ensure you unsubscribe before going to bed or Homezone…..etc

    Just Load and Call

  3. Intel reaching me indicate that visafone has been compromise from within with this toxic tariff.further intel suspect sentim,els from glo did the damage.

  4. All this mumu network self! Where did they want me to see five visafone number! Abeg glo infinito carry go jare

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