Vizz Africa Mobile launched

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Vizz africa logo1Vizz Mobile a subsidiary of QiComm limited and a wireless communication provider, has launched its newest mobile operator, Vizz Africa Mobile.

Vizz Africa Mobile is a prepaid SIM designed specially for Africans living in, working in, and/or travelling to the UK. It provides low cost, high quality calls and texts to Africa, the rest of the world, and within UK.

Highlights of this package are:

– International airtime credit transfer

– National and International rates for voice, SMS and data.

– 24/7 multilingual and friendly customer service support. Etc

For more information on vizz Africa Mobile, how it works, terms and conditions, visit

  1. Hi,i am schooling in the UK i am a Nigerian how do i get the Vizz SIM, can you please help me with the information on how to get it. Cheers

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