Want a Symbian phone in 2014? What to do..

Reading Nokia Conversations today, I was shocked to see comments from people complaining about the demise of Symbian and demanding that Nokia bring back the dead OS! I had to check the calendar again. This is March 2014, and there are still people asking for Symbian smartphones from Nokia. That is just so sad. Everyone else has moved on, while those people are stuck with memories and longings for the “good old days.”

No; Symbian is not dead. Symbian is extinct and prehistoric at this point. Like T-Rex. Gone. For good.

If you want Symbian-like features and are 100% Nokia, go buy one of the Nokia X smartphones. Yes; they are strictly low-end, but that is the closest to a Nokia smartphone running Symbian that you can get in 2014.

Go get one and stop moaning.,


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