Gone are the days, it seems, that phone design teams revolved around crazy ideas. With Apple’s new bully attitude, it seems that phone design teams

Was the Samsung Galaxy S III designed by lawyers?

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Gone are the days, it seems, that phone design teams revolved around crazy ideas. With Apple’s new bully attitude, it seems that phone design teams will revolve around lawyers – to keep brands from getting sued.

The guys at Android Police think that the Samsung Galaxy S III was designed by lawyers, and the facts are there for all to see.

Personally, I agree.

Take a look at Apple’s claims against Samsung in court and see if the Galaxy S III doesn’t side-step them all:

– a rectangular product shape with all four corners uniformly rounded;
the front surface of the product dominated by a screen surface with black borders;

– as to the iPhone and iPod touch products, substantial black borders above and below the screen having roughly equal width and narrower black borders on either side of the screen having roughly equal width;

– as to the iPad product, substantial black borders on all sides being roughly equal in width;

– a metallic surround framing the perimeter of the top surface;
a display of a grid of colorful square icons with uniformly rounded corners; and

– a bottom row of square icons (the “Springboard”) set off from the other icons and that do not change as the other pages of the user interface are viewed.

Apparently, the fear of getting sued is the beginning of wisdom.

Read the Android Police article for the full gist: Source.


  1. Some of these lawsuits are as senseless as they come!

    It is like a Toothpaste maker going to court because a competitor made a tootpaste with the same color as theirs!

    Or Toyota taking Honda to court because the headlamp design of one of their cars resembles Toyota’s…

    This kind of ‘license_anything_licenseable’ crap just stifles competition / creativity..


  2. I disagree Eye.Bee.Kay. What is wrong in a company coming up with their own idea? What is wrong in the vision of innovation? Design innovation is as outstanding as any other innovation. Other manufacturers should lead the way. They should attempt other unorthodox design. Don’t blame a company that spends resources on innovation and design to just give out the patent to the shark infested world of competitors!

    Instead of just copying Slide-To-Unlock they could as well design Punch-to-unlock for their own devices!. #JustSaying.

  3. ((((
    I disagree Eye.Bee.Kay. What is wrong in a company coming up with their own idea?

    @AfewGoodMen, nothing is wrong. It is just that some patent applications are plain silly.

    If every single insignificant innovation is patented, we are heading for technological Armageddon!

    Bic invents a biro, no other pen maker must sell anything that looks like it.

    B.A.S.F invents post-it note, no one must use that idea without licensing it first.

    I come up with the idea of a tv-dvd combo, i patent it. I invent a paper clip-anybody copying it must pay me, or lock judicial horns with me !

    A company comes up with the idea of a camera that watches the eyes and interprets a double-blink as a double-tap on a touchscreen; a double-sneeze as meaning ‘turn off phone’ – and they rush to patent these as intellectual properties ?

    Haba! How ridicules can this get.

    You see my point?

    Honda invented CVT car transmission system, Hyundai must perpetually pay them to use and possibly improve on?

    The truth is very few things are classifiable as TRUE inventions these days.

    When some of these flippant patent applications are filed, they probably should be thrown in the trash can where most of them belong!

    If you invent something technological important, yes, patent it!

    But not asinine things like phone shapes and bezels, I beg!

  4. @eyebeekay, spot on! These patents are ridiculous. I think the US congress is considering massive changes to the laws governing patents. True innovations are few nowadays. most are not revolutionary. Even apple is finding it difficult to innovate. The lawsuit ish is irritating

  5. Makes me wonder what Apple will come up with that is significantly different to what is on the market. God forbid if the shape or characteristics of the next iPhone is anything like any existing phone…

    In any case, it still reminds me of the HTC One X 😉

  6. Eyebeekay is right on this one. All these patent suits are as a matter of fact killing varieties for us the consumers. What of if I want a rectangular phone but that runs an android? I cannot, because every rectangular shape now belongs to apple. That is crazy.
    Everyone around the world has been condemning all these apple patent suits on shapes and co. Even the EU is looking into it. Apple should go and sit down joo.

    Back to galaxy s3. I don’t think the phone is ugly. Though the HTC one X is finer sha.

  7. Lol, common guys, every thing apple did, it did within its legal boundaries, samsung has lawyers, we all know hw many years it takes to train lawyers, and if we don’t know, most of these things we think are free are in fact licenced, 3g, 2g, memory card, resistive nd capacitive displays, bluetooth, wifi, even specific camera designs. Sometimes you guy talk as if doing something under the law is wrong. If you slap me and i sue you is it wrong? For Christ sake its not about patent, its about licence. Apple offered samsung the licence long ago, but they refused (long story). Please lets understand that Apple never did anything wrong. Unless you think apple lawyers are stupid and samsung lawyers are dumb.
    YOU ARE FREE TO USE APPLE’S PATENTS, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS APPLY FOR THE LICENCE!!! While wanting others to understand us, lets try to understand others. Enough said

  8. Well said, motorola c113! My predisposition exactly. Who is to tell where innovation ends and where frivolous patents begins! Do we all just making comments here on Mobility know more about patents than the patent bureau of the United states or China for that matter? Wy don’t we allow the lawyers and judges determine which patent lawsuit has merit and which doesn’t!

    Just the other time a moribund company called Proview was suing Apple for the iPad moniker. The iPad trademark had been patented to them in Mainland China. Apple only bought the trademark from their branches in Hongkong and other parts of the world. They claim that the iPad name was nefariously taken & used by Apple without permission. And called for untold damages running into 1-2billion dollars. Apple has allegedly agreed to settle with them recently, however it is good to know that the company was actually going bankrupt prior to now. And this lawsuit on Apple were their only reprise from actually going under.

    What I’m getting at is that in this world, people love to just copy and follow the easy way out not wanting commit themselves to original thought! What compels you to believe that if I call my soda drink “Coke” thatbit does not infringe the right of coca cola. But isn’t “coke” just a name? Why shouldn’t I call my photocopier a Xerox machine? Isn’t that a name too?

    And what’s wrong in “slavishly” copying Apple’s design even up to the accessories level? Isn’t it just design. What is innovative about design?

    Wrong folks. If I make a hodgepodge of excrement and mud and bake it to create an earthen clay pot and I patent it and it sells…. My friend, that is innovation. Heck give me my damn patent! All copiers and imitators who baffle at my non-innovationmess had better pay me for my patent, or we’ll see in Court!! What matters is what the court decides! And what the law rightfully states!!

  9. @afewgoodmen.
    Oya let’s say the person that invented passwords patented where would we be now. Some things are basics things u can never patent like a metalic object on four wheels haba U can’t patent that.
    Also apple Is going after a select few, they tried nokia only to realize that nokia virtually invented 3g which I guess is on your iphone right. Apple is using this to fight and it is very evil of them. So now I can’t slide to unlock tell me how is that innovation and now ANY RECTANGULAR mobile device is stealing abi. I have older phones (6080) its rectangular with rounded edges yet appe claims to have invented it. Haba stealing your software is bad. But and a big BUT all these patents apple claim to fight for are all lies.

  10. We know the court will eventually rule over these things but its just wrong for apple to wanna battle in the court since they know they might loose in the market to these competitors. I am a consumer. I am concerned that these suits will increase the price I pay for my device. Microsoft is already making a kill from licencing to Samsung, HTC e.t.c. These costs are passed down to us. Why patent a shape like rectangle? Such have exited long before apple was conceived. Its those silly patents that are really annoying.

  11. Nobody is saying it is right to copy people’s innovation but the word “innovation” has been bastardized. Most phones nowadays are touchscreen bar phones. How much can you vary a phone that just has a touchscreen and few buttons. Its just like patenting the shape of an LCD flatscreen tv. Its ridiculous.

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