Weekend Rant: Open letter to all Android phone manufacturers

Hello Mobilista’s, this is another weekend and we have another reason to pour out our hearts on topical issues. Today, we write an open letter to all the Android manufacturers out there. We know they’re seeing this, and we hope they read, take a cue and learn.


Dear OEM,

This is the loud voice crying out from the ignorant multitude of your customers. We know you have caught us out so many times with great products we cannot resist. We have fallen prey to the sweetness of your products time without number.

On the contrary, we know competition has been hard on you. You’re constantly innovating to bring us better products and more “value for money”. Yes, we agree to all this. But then, there are some things you are not doing. We have noticed, and thought to call your attention to them. You think you are deceiving us and going scot free, but we know those little tricks of yours.

First of all, some of you have eternally decided to sticking with 1GB RAM on your phones. We don’t like that. In fact we are not happy. Ever since you started bringing Android phones to Nigeria, almost every phone you have launched carries 1 GB RAM. Even in 2016, the few devices you have launched all carry 1 GB RAM. That’s bad. I know you will argue that the average users doesn’t care about RAM. But I respond by saying that the average user cares about speed.

You can further argue that the phone still performs fluidly on 1 GB RAM, but we all know that the experience on 2 GB RAM is far better. Please OEM, you know yourself, please change. We know you actually do it for cost cutting 🙂 admit this and we’ll forgive you.

Our second problem is that many new phones now have fake bezels – this is the space between the glass and the phone’s frame. You claim the phone is bezel-less, but if we look closely there’s a black lining all around the screen. See the phone in Oga Mo’s hands below:

Gionee M5 mini hands on front
Notice the black lining around the phone screen

The screen is supposed to extend till the end of the frame, but you can clearly see the black lining around it. This is very noticeable when the screen lights up. Dear OEM, this is a wrong approach biko. Gives us bezels or none at all.

These days, it’s so hard to find a decent device with 5-inch screen and good specs. Screens are just getting too big, finding a nice phone with 5 inch screen or lesser (with good specs) is now like Gulder Ultimate Search. People ask for recommendations and I find myself mentioning last year or 2 year old devices. Please OEM, do something about this.

Finally Sir/Ma, we have seen some phones with small battery capacity, but with quick charge. This new style kinda confuses us. We have always thought Quick charge was meant for phones with huge batteries – pushing them to charge fast. What would be the need for fast charge on a small battery?

We would round up here and we hope that you don’t hold a grudge. Accept it in good faith and possibly surprise us with your next releases. Hoping to see positive responses from you soonest.

Yours Faithfully,



Editors Note: As always in our routine, this was meant to be published early yesterday, but forgive us for the lateness. 

Chibueze is an award-winning gadget reviewer and geek. He loves research, while living and breathing tech. You can reach him on Facebook, Twitter ,OR LinkedIn

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