Weekend Rants: Has Infinix gone crazy?

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Has Infinix gone crazy or what? At this point in time, and considering their recent moves, it wouldn’t be wrong to ask this question. Some time last year, I asked if Infinix and other Chinese brands have hit the innovation wall. Barely weeks ago, I complained again why their phones aren’t cheap anymore. These matters lead to why I’m ranting today.

Infinix-Hot-4 - Infinix gone crazy


Infinix gone crazy with a deluge of models?

Infinix took us by surprise this week by launching the Infinix Hot 4. This is a successor to the Infinix Hot 3 launched April this year. In truth, we expected to see this kind of release next year. After looking at the spec sheet HERE, I was unperturbed. How is this Infinix Hot 4 any different from the Infinix Hot Note? This was the first thing that hit me.

The only noticeable differences are the fingerprint scanner, and a 5 MP selfie camera. The Infinix Hot S was launched barely two weeks ago, and now this. Perhaps their next route is to flood the market with as many Infinix phones as possible. It is becoming an arduous task keeping track of all the names and nomenclatures. Yes; it looks like Infinix gone crazy.


We have also seen leaks of an upcoming Infinix Note 3 coming soon (I hear it is already launched in Kenya). Another Infinix Zero should be arriving probably before the end of this year. I won’t be surprised to see another Infinix Hot S 2 or Hot Note Pro S :mrgreen: Is anyone else seeing what I’m seeing? Your thoughts.


  1. I honestly don’t understand the thing with these brands. It’s beginning to seem like Tecno and Infinix are in some sort of competition. Of course, it all falls back on the pockets of Nigerians.

  2. Yes; it looks like Infinix gone crazy.

    Both InfiniX and Tecno being under the sake management;team and thinking, it is clear the crazy Tecno model_proliferation has finally percolated into InfiniX completely.

    Looks like we can keep expecting more and more models in rapid succession..

    Looking forward to a seven_inch smartphone from them…

    The more the merrier jare!

  3. Let them be releasing phones nau, shebi one day they will start giving them away like MTN Sim cards. . .

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