Hello Mobilistas, another weekend is here and it is time for us to pour out our hearts on whatever pains us in tech. Today we

Weekend Rants: Why Parents should quit social media

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Hello Mobilistas, another weekend is here and it is time for us to pour out our hearts on whatever pains us in tech. Today we discuss the annoying attitudes of our “parents” on social media. Do you think they should quit? Read on, let me gist us:

Once upon a time, during President Obasanjo’s regime, there was this ASUU strike that lasted for 6 good months. During that period, almost every student spent the break on Facebook. Then, I was so Facebook crazy. My orange Nokia 2600 died and charged on Facebook. Engagement levels then was huge!! People were always online.


During that period, my dad would scold me,”What are you always pressing on this phone?” “You won’t even let the phone rest”. “This is how you will press this phone and kill it. LOL!! He won’t understand 😀 The scoldings fell on deaf ears, and I would continued my pressing. 

Fast forward to present day. My dad recently got his  first Android phone. Being an inquisitive person, he explored and eventually fell into the same trap we fell in years ago. Now he understands :mrgreen:

Why parents should quit social media

Social media has its positives. The way it easily connects one with people is priceless. Despite its good sides, the way some parents use it can range from annoying to creepy. Following the various instances we have seen online (P.S – My Dad is not the case study here), I’ll highlight some:

  • The constant monitoring. They just keep tabs on you. Every change of display picture, every post. They see it and ask something about it. The situation is not even helped by some social apps that notify them whenever their ward updates. Problem comes when you ignore the question or don’t answer properly. The case worsens if you will eventually need cash from them.
  • The constant tagging. Tagging is good o. But it’s not every picture you upload, you tag somebody 😐 Sometimes, excuse us from the tagging.
  • Those annoying WhatsApp broadcast messages they send. Phew!!  WhatsApp is not upgrading any blue ticks!! Your broadcast will not make them disable you. If I don’t rebroadcast that message to 10 more people I love, it will not stop me from loving Jesus or kill His love for me. Parents need to chill with the broadcasts.

You could just be forced to block them. I know some people have done that ages ago. “But to what end?” I ask. To the Daddies and Mummies in the house, just take it easy. We love you, and we know you love us too. (In case you were already planning a revolt because of this post). 

Are your parents on social media? Have they done something annoying you noticed on social media? Share your story 🙂

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