Welcome HP’s Spectre 13 : The world’s slimmest laptop!!

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Popular PC maker, HP have just released what they term as the worlds slimmest laptop. This one is 10.9 mm thick!! Very “lepacious” I would say. Here’s a brief run down of specs for this laptop:

  • 13.3-inch 1080p display,
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 256GB of storage (for the best model)
  • Core i5/ Core i7 variants.

Check out some more pictures of this sexy thang!!

HP-Spectre-13 (2)

HP-Spectre-13 (1)

HP-Spectre-13 (4)

HP-Spectre-13 (3)

Pre-orders for this laptop will start on the 25th of April. The HP Spectre 13 will be priced starting from $1169.99. Do you love slim laptops? If you had your way, would you get this one? Your thoughts.


  1. I think Jumia is tripping but I just saw the Core i5 version listed for #413,000 (there’s even a voucher code for a #20,000 off)…Definitely one for the big guns

  2. Looks fabulous but for work and carry around. I won’t want this baby unless it comes free! Too much investment in something that looks so delicate.

  3. I’m always a bit skeptical about HP machines and their longevity – or lack of it. I’d rather get a Lenovo Yoga.

  4. HP is so much about presentation and looking good while not being too good. First, overheating issues and then as slim as this laptop is one must not mistakenly drop even a book too hard on it else you’ll damage the screen or some other vitals. I’ve experienced such with one of their ultra slim ultrabooks before.

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