What Are Your Expectations Of 2013?


We all know how volatile and dynamic the mobile market is. 2012 has been a very interesting year, and it is over already. So, there’s no use staying in the past. 2013 is here and promises some excitement.

For starters, the much anticipated BlackBerry 10 is set to hit the streets in January/February. Will RIM pull this off and get people justling for BlackBerries again? Is this comeback going to be for real?

While Windows Phone 8 is already on the market, 2013 is the year that Microsoft and partners are looking to make a real dent in the smartphone marketshare. The once dominant giant, Nokia, has placed all its bets on the platform and will be pushing hard.

Will we see a QWERTY keyboard Windows Phone in 2013? Or – God forbid – a QWERTY iOS device?

Jolla’s Sailfish phones are also expected in 2013. It does not look like there will be a shortage of excitement all through the year.

Here in Nigeria, surely 2013 will be the year of LTE mobile broadband. Some network operators claim that they are setup and all ready to go. On your marks…

Mobile Number Portability? I’m not holding my breath anymore. The see-saw has been rocking for far too long, and I’ll just make do with what I have here. When MNP comes, it comes, even if that is 2015.

We are also expecting much lower cost Android smartphones. This looks to be bloody and might spell the beginning of the end for feature phones. If we ever see a N5, 000 Android smartphone, we might as well read out a Burning Platform speech for feature phones.

The mobile industry is huge. Lots of game changers can show up at any time. Perhaps one or two new killer apps and services, or some new technology (batteries and power management, anyone?), or a new super-duper device to rule them all.

What are you on the lookout for in 2013? What are your expectations?

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